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All About Wireless Computer Speakers

Wireless Computer SpeakersComputers perform various tasks from playing audio CDs, watching movies, video editing and various computing activities. But without the aid of an LCD and quality speakers, the multimedia experience is not as enjoyable. With new computers come better speakers like wireless computer speakers which allow the owner easy installation since it does not require cables or wires. Since these speakers come in various shapes and sizes, installing them not only allow one to express his artistic side but also gives the area of installation a sense of style.

Wireless computer speakers, thru the use of a USB receiver, allow them to be installed 150 to 300 feet away from the central processing unit or CPU. These speakers may also be installed in nearby rooms, the dining area, and other areas of the house ensuring that quality sound always reaches those who want it. A number of companies have offered affordable prices for wireless computer speakers. Since many cannot determine the difference between high priced and mid ranged priced brands, buying expensive ones does not ensure high quality.

The choice for wireless computer speakers depends on a variety of factors including the price, their designs and quality of sound produced. Aside from these factors, consumers also look for a low-frequency bass effect without the so-called “heavy boom” and a surround sound that makes computer entertainment comparable any available high priced audio-video multimedia.

In choosing wireless computer speakers, it is advisable to get that which cannot be affected by various interferences produced by other household appliances like a microwave oven. To address this problem, consumers should find wireless computer speakers with an intermediate frequency such as that offered by Bluetooth. This technology also allows signals to be carried across a room and through thick walls without having to worry about interferences.

Different types of wireless computer speakers are available in the market. Three of the most common includes 7.1, 5.1 and 2.1 computer speaker system. When listening to music, playing games or watching movies, the 7.1 version may be the best for the job. The 7.1 version has six two-way satellite speakers, one two-way center satellite speaker and one sub woofer. For mid level applications, 5.1 versions come with four two-way satellite speakers, one two-way center satellite speaker, and one sub woofer, which are good for mid-level applications. The 2.1 version, which is ideal for computer games but not for listening to music and watching movies, consists of a two-way center satellite and a pair of satellite speakers.

The demand for wireless computer speakers is increasing at a steady rate. Even iPods and MP3 players find it a useful means for letting friends and other people hear their favorite songs. Though it has been established that wireless computer speakers are currently a necessity, caution should be practiced when selecting the type, size and brand. Compatibility between the wireless computer speaker and the computer itself should be the highest priority during the selection because only when these two are compatible can all the benefits be reaped.


Four Benefits of Wireless Computer Speakers

Since the development of remote controls for television in 1950, wireless technology continues to fascinate people from different corners of the globe. It not only made things more convenient it also paved the way for an even higher level of technology. Wireless devices come in different forms and may manifest itself in the form of a mouse, headphone, microphone and the most famous, wireless Internet routers, which allows access up to 32 meters or 120 feet. Lately, manufacturers have started selling to the market wireless computer speakers, which are available in different designs, capabilities and prices. For those who have not decided to buy wireless computer speakers, the following benefits may justify the investment.


Wireless computer speakers are easy to install, since the need to link it to a cable is eliminated. In the process, clutter can also be diminished, if not eliminated. Wireless computer speakers can be installed in various positions and in different areas. Others even simulate a surround sound by placing these speakers in strategic positions to surround literally the target area and giving it the effect one always wanted. And even when one changes the layout of his room, these speakers may be configured along with it.


In places like restaurants, speakers need to be installed in such a way that it covers different areas like the kitchen, the entrance and the dining area. Wireless computer speakers allow the computer to connect with the speakers through a USB receiver. Speakers can also be installed in remote places which are 150 to 300 feet away from the receiver without the use of lengthy cables thereby allowing what before was considered impossible.

Sense of Style

Wireless computer speakers, which are available in different sizes and shapes, allow certain people to express their artistic side. One may think that they are already in style, but with the use of these speakers, one may even reach the top.

Designs and Varied Capabilities

Many people wonder if wireless computer speakers can surpass or even equal the sound produced by ordinary speakers. The answer to this is definitely a yes since digital sound can be enhanced through various computer programs, which also allow easy recording and editing of the file. Aside from the sound quality, the sound produced is comparable to that of other speakers and can even duplicate surround sound. Since downloadable movie files are in various formats and MP3s and other files can only be played on a computer, the demand for these speakers have drastically increased.

Wireless computer speakers are indeed very relevant and may be a better alternative to existing speakers. Though others may raise certain issues like compatibility, manufacturers insist that there will always be a product compatible with your system. Another possible problem is the energy consumption since most speakers may require battery replacement more often than any other gadget. To this particular problem, suppliers may indicate that the electricity saved and the overall convenience outweighs any possible disadvantages. For those who do not want to settle for anything less, there can be nothing other than wireless computer speakers.


How to Choose the Best Wireless Computer Speakers

Wireless Computer SpeakersAs important as the computers are the accessories that go with them like the LCD monitor and the speaker system. Wireless computer speakers come in different shapes, sizes and designs. The best wireless computer speakers are not the ones considered most sophisticated or those that are technologically advanced. But below are those that complement the needs of the consumers in many ways.

The first basis for choosing wireless computer speakers is their intended use. One may need them for various purposes like listening to music, watching videos and playing games. Different types of wireless computer speakers are available for different levels of use. For those who simply want to play games on a computer, a 2.1 computer system, which consists of a two-way center satellite and a pair of satellite speakers, may be the best computer to buy. The 5.1 version, which has a four two-way satellite speakers, one two-way center satellite speaker, and one sub woofer, may be good for mid-level applications. Other users consider 7.1 speaker systems as the best of the three since they allow high-level applications and are best for watching movies, playing games, and listening to music. They come with six two-way satellite speakers, one sub woofer and one two-way satellite speakers.

Wireless computer speakers are available in the market in various shapes, sizes and designs. The experience of consumers with the different brands will enable you to choose the brand that best serves your needs. It is important to note that though some brands are more expensive, they offer additional benefits such as extended warranty and accessibility to service centers.

When one needs speakers to be placed in different areas of the house at spaces reaching 150 feet to as far as 300 feet, wireless computer speakers with Bluetooth system should be chosen since furniture and walls cannot block their signals. And since these wireless computer speakers do not have cables and are not directly connected to a power outlet, the next consideration should be the type and number of batteries required as well as the frequency of battery replacement needed. Most wireless computer speakers require three AAA batteries while others require AA batteries. Please remember that the more compact the speaker, the smaller the batteries that may be required. It is therefore advised that wireless computer speakers, which require less number of batteries and require less frequent battery replacement be preferred over others. This will ensure cheaper operational costs and fewer interruptions when using the wireless computer speakers.

Another important consideration when buying wireless computer speakers is their compatibility with the computer’s operating system. Some computers may not be able to support wireless features, hence, they may not be able to bring out the best in the wireless computer speakers.

Wireless computer speakers have found their way into the homes of many and are considered as important as the computers that require them. But, to truly reap all the benefits of this technology, one has to choose that which would serve them best.

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