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Get Talking With Walmart Cell Phone Plans

Get talking with Walmart cell phone plansWalmart cell phone plans were created so that families could stay connected and at the same time not spend a fortune in that endeavor. So in collaboration with T-Mobile, it launched Walmart’s Family Mobile, a plan that is post-paid and does not have the lengthy, confusing contracts or commitment forms. It features a pocket friendly unlimited talk coupled with text wireless plans for the family. If you have a family of three, you could enjoy savings amounting to $1200 for a year. These Walmart cell phone plans are available on T-Mobile’s nationwide reach and are can be purchased through Walmart’s distribution network of close to 2,500 stores in the country.

Walmart Family mobile caters for the whole family, featuring a very easy to use and thrifty way in return for great quality service paid at the end of the month. With every line comes Unlimited Talk as well as Text, meaning as a customer you do not need to worry about huge bills at the end of the month. The Walmart cell phone plans feature a first line for $45 each month and charges $25 for any other extra line a month. There is a wide range of handset models available to go with this service including Nokia, Samsung and Motorola. The icing on the cake is that the service is also available on the newer Android-driven devices complete with a QWERTY keypad and touch screens. As a customer, there is also the added advantage that you can change handsets as you like without incurring any additional fees or having to recommit yourself to the plan.

The benefits are many. For starters, it is now pretty easy to keep building meaningful relationships with family and friends without having to over-stretch your budgets. The plan is quite flexible and as a user, you do not expect any surprises in terms of costs and commitments from the dealer’s end – you get what you see!

The Walmart cell phone plans offer a choice to customers who prefer post-paid terms a relatively low cost means of messaging, data as well as transcriber dialing. The data plan is especially easy to subscribe to and quite affordable on this Walmart Family Mobile alternative. On signing up, you get to enjoy 100MB WebPakTM preloaded on your line that instantly helps you stay online on all your lines subscribed to the plan. What is more, you do not lose any of the unused WebPakTM free data because it never expires. But once depleted out of use, it is easy to reload from cards stocked by upfront stores or purchase the same online at Walmart. WebPakTM does not only work with data. You can use it to call friends and family internationally at a low charge of just 5 cents a minute, if your friends reside in Canada, Bermuda, China and Hong Kong, Costa Rica, India, Singapore, Korea, the Kingdom of Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, and Malaysia. And while at it, you may also download your favorite ringtones, apps for your phone as well as the latest games to keep you busy!


Walmart Cell Phone Plans – Wireless Solutions for Less

Walmart is a success story on many fronts. Apart from its upfront stores where you can basically purchase almost anything and cheaply, they are now into the cell phone market providing customers with Walmart cell phone plans under their brand name. This has in part afforded the retailer a higher profile of being a provider of low-cost merchandise.

One of these Walmart’s services is called Straight Talk and is just excellent. It does not require you to sign on the ‘dotted-line’ – no contract – and is on sale only in Walmart stores countrywide beginning late October 2009. Straight Talk has been launched as an exclusive Walmart service with heavy input from TracFone Wireless, which has been selling its NET10 and TracFone devices in Walmart outlets.

If you have been looking for an affordable service without any formal contract with the provider, Straight Talk is your answer. Straight Talk comes in two different pre-paid plans: one for $30 and the other at $45 per month. You can purchase the plan offline at a Walmart store or just log on to and get the plan you need.

This service, as part of the Walmart cell phone plans, is almost revolutionary in terms of pricing. For instance, it is estimated that each month, an average adult pays $78 for receiving 1000 minutes. Now all that has been slashed down to the $30 Straight Talk plan where the same subscriber would now pay about $500 for the same service while at the same time enjoying the benefits of membership in a cellular network spread out country-wide.

There are basically two options on the Straight Talk plan: the 30 days plan that requires $30 per month and the Straight Talk Unlimited 30 days plan going for $45 each month. The customer has the two options to choose from depending on their specific needs. For instance, with the $30 for 30 days plan, the consumer gets 1000 minutes, an equal number of text messages as well as 30MB of data in cell phone access to the web. The customer also is not hampered by location limitations as they also get countrywide coverage so you don’t need to change anything as you move from East to West Coast. The consumer also enjoys free 411 information calls.

There are several benefits that a consumer of Straight Talk Unlimited enjoys. The $45 a month Straight Talk Unlimited features unlimited minutes and text messages as well as unlimited cell phone web access with a nationwide coverage. And just like the $30 a month plan, you also enjoy free, unlimited 411 calls for information. Maintenance of the service is as easy as purchasing a refill card at a Walmart store near you. You may also buy one on or at

There are several phone models that consumers can buy as they purchase the Walmart cell phone plans. These include the Samsung 451 that features a set top box and a complete QWERTY keypad. Another one is the LG Slider 290, which is great with email and Internet access, usually considered high-end.


Walmart Cell Phone Plans Featuring AT&T

Walmart and its online version, is perhaps the largest source of all types of phones – unlocked, Bluetooth sets as well as both prepaid phones and accompanying accessories. But perhaps their best service is to be found in their various Walmart cell phone plans, like the AT&T-Walmart Family Talk Nation 700 w/Rollover. To utilize FamilyTalk, you must have two lines. You will take advantage of Rollover minutes in the second billing period.

Walmart cell phone plansThis family talk plan allows you to share minutes at a very minimal cost each month. You can expand your available talk lines each for only $9.99. You are spoilt for choice in that you may choose either Weekend minutes or Unlimited Night, or even Unlimited Mobile to Mobile where you can make calls countrywide. You may utilize these Mobile to Mobile Minutes whenever you dial or receive calls from another mobile device that is connected to the AT&T services and is located in your calling area. However, for any return calls as well as voicemail messages to AT&T, you will be charged separately. In the AT&T nights and weekends feature, nights are taken as between 9pm and 6am while weekends mean between 9pm Friday and 6am on Monday, depending on your time zone. The advantage of this plan compared to the other Walmart cell phone planes is that you won’t have to pay for any long distance call or roaming charges. This is true within the service area in the case of networks based in America; that is, the 50 States as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Moreover, all the lines in use by your device share Rollover Minutes.

Also by choosing this unique plan from the various Walmart cell phone plans, you enjoy Basic Voice Mail among other features such as Three-Way Calling. Call Forwarding as well as Call Waiting are automatically activated for you. To enjoy quick messaging, you have to enroll for an eligible messaging or data plan. The voicemail service may be deactivated if you do not activate it once you activate the cell phone plan though you can easily have it reactivated by the service provider. There are several details that make this family plan worth a trial, like the 700 Anytime Minutes. Instant messaging is available; data connectivity is enabled and available in addition to call waiting.

However, you get charged for incoming calls. Possible charges include the $0.45 a minute for any additional Anytime Minutes and the $1.79 per call excluding airtime to make the call when you place a call for Directory Assistance. You also need a $36 activation fee for your device’s primary line and another $36 for each additional line. The contract runs for two years and to extend or upgrade it, you add another $18. But that’s not all, as AT&T, in addition to the above costs, imposes a Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee for each line, currently standing at $1.25. This, they say, is to buffer them from costs they are charged by the Federal as well as State Telecoms. Customer service for the Walmart cell phone plans is available between 7 in the morning and 9 in the night each weekday and between 9am and 6pm Saturdays. Walmart cell phone plans

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