Sump Pump Battery Backup System

What is A Sump Pump Battery Backup System?

Sump pump battery backup systemSome people don’t understand what a sump pump battery backup system is and what it is used for. Those that have homes where the water table is high, or that have problems with drainage often find that their basement is flooded, some at certain times of the year, others have these problems all year long. A sump pump is a device that sits in the lowest part of your basement, and pumps excess water out of your home. Usually you have a channel under your basement floor that directs this water towards the pump, which is put into a lower hole. It has a ballast switch, so that once the water level has reached a certain point, the unit turns on and starts pumping this water out of your home. As the water level goes down, it lowers the ballast until the unit turns itself off.

Having a sump pump battery backup system in your home can effectively remove all the water from your basement, but only if it works properly. While many of these devices are connected to your home’s power supply, they need to also have some kind of back up battery system, in case of a power outage. Most outages occur in the winter, which unfortunately is also one of the times that they are needed the most. Having a battery to supply power to your unit can keep it running no matter what happens. Because your sump pump isn’t running on a constant basis, having a battery back up is effective.

How the sump pump battery backup system works is that when there is a power failure, the unit operates on reserve batteries. While they may not power your pump for a long time, they do operate long enough for the power to come back on. Once the electricity comes on, the batteries automatically charge back up, so they are always ready for the next time. You can also purchase solar panels for them, so your batteries will always stay charged, even if the power goes out for an extended period of time. Solar electricity is low voltage, just like these back up systems, so you don’t need to buy extra inverters.

Some sump pumps come with their own battery back up systems, other have to be purchased separately. Full sump pump battery backup systems, including the pump, the battery, and all the other components can cost around $200, depending on the output of the pump, the type of ballast system, and how long of a reserve the batteries have. Your emergency standby battery systems by themselves can be under $100, depending on power capacity.

Prices depend on where you buy the sump pump battery backup system, what the brand name is, how many features the system has, and how much water can be pumped out per hour. For an example, there is the Eduquest Battery Backup Pump System. This comes in a 12v model. It includes a pump with a 3300 gallon per hour capacity, with a reed float to start and stop the pump automatically. The battery pack is encased in reinforced thermoplastic, and is recharged directly from your home’s power source. This professional grade sump pump battery backup system sells for $234.


Why It Is Important To Have Sump Pump Battery Backup System

There are many important reasons to have a sump pump battery backup system. If you ever experience a power outage in your area, having a battery backup can help keep the ground water from seeping into the basement. For those who aren’t familiar with sump pumps, they pump water out of the basement onto your lawn or main outside drain. Having a sump pump battery backup system can mean the difference between having an enjoyable living space and one that is under water most of the time, especially for people that live in areas where the water table is high.

Sump pump battery backup systems are pretty much automatically controlled.

As the hole they are in fills with water, float ballast raises up. Once it reaches a certain point, the pump turns on, pumps the water until the level lowers enough to turn it off. Most people don’t even realize when it’s running, so they don’t think of what powers them. It isn’t until the power goes out and water starts seeping up through the floor that they understand the importance of a sump pump battery backup system.

It is just as important to have the right backup system. The battery can only keep it going for a short period of time, and needs to be charged back up when not in use. Batteries also tend to lose their charge over time, so they need to be kept at their highest level. Your sump pump battery backup system should be connected to the power main so when the power comes back on, it automatically turns off and begins charging. It should also have an indicator so that when the battery discharges, it will charge back up.

There are systems that have a DC pump, a battery, and all the hardware you need to wire everything together. Others have just the battery and the hardware. They may also have an inverter to convert the low voltage battery to the high voltage pump. These can be less expensive, and last a little longer than buying the whole system. DC pumps are good and can process a great volume of water, but the tend to operate hot and can burn out faster.

With so much worry these days over the environment, another option when it comes to a sump pump battery backup systems is solar power. The solar panel is mounted on the southern facing side of the house, and connects to the battery. It can constantly keep the battery trickle charged, and in the case of an extended power outage, can even keep your pump working.

Now that you know how important having battery back up for your sump pump, you can find them in a variety of different locations. Locally you can pick them up at hardware and home improvement stores, but for the best prices and selection online is the better choice if you have access to a computer. There are several online retailers, and even discount websites like Amazon and eBay.


Where You Can Find A Sump Pump Battery Backup System

You may know what a sump pump is and why they are important. You probably also know why having a battery backup system is also important, but may not know where to buy one. On the one hand you can find them at local retailers, but there are some disadvantages to local stores. One of them is that you will only get a few models and sizes, so your choices are limited. They may also be more expensive, especially if you live far from a major city, or store itself doesn’t sell many.

Instead, if you have access to the Internet, you can find a wide variety of sump pump battery backup systems, from many online retailers. Here are a few tips to help you find the right product, at the right price. If you don’t have a personal preference when it comes to brand, or are not familiar with these products, there are review websites available so you can compare brands, features and prices, through a number of different retailer websites.

What you are going to need at the bare minimum is the pump, the battery, case, charging system and all the hardware to wire and mount the whole system. The pump itself should also include some kind of floating ballast to automatically turn off and on the pump itself. More sophisticate systems have indicator lights and monitors for when the power goes out and comes back on, as well as charging the batteries as the discharge over time.

Sump pump battery backup system 2If you want the top of the line in sump pumps, then the Basement Watchdog is the highest quality most expensive sump pump battery backup system. There are three different models to choose from. One is the model BWD12-120C. This unit can pump a whopping 2200 gallons an hour with a ten-foot lift. If the unit is pumping directly out, then it can pump up to 3500 GPH. This sump pump battery backup system is computer controlled. The computer brain operates the pump, monitors the overall system, as well as the power conditions. Once a week it will do a safety and maintenance check, turning on the pump for a few seconds just to make sure it is operating smoothly. The control system will light up warning lights and even activate an alarm if there is a problem it can’t fix on its own. It also features a 20-amp charger, which has an automatic shut off to just keep the battery at its highest level without damaging the battery itself. It also has a 7 hour continuous run time, which is one of the longest continuous run times in the industry. An extended two year warranty is also optional. This product is available at many local retailers.

There is also the Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Sump Pump Battery Backup System. This product comes with the battery and case, the 12 volt pump, a ten amp charger with automatic shut off controls. The battery is solid state, and the unit has an extremely reliable float switch. It also includes all the mounting hardware and wiring for the whole system as well as a total monitoring unit. This particular sump pump battery backup system sells at Amazon for just $268.60, 19% off retail.

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