Speakers For Laptop Computers

Speakers For Laptop Computers

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This article discusses the improved quality now available with speakers for laptop computers. It includes how to get the best sound and tips for selecting speakers for laptop computers. A few example options are presented along with customer comments and complaints to consider.


For Logitech USB Laptop Speaker Z305

Logitech USB Speakers for laptop computersI didn’t know just how bad my laptop speakers were until I installed this!
I have a 17″ HP Entertainment Laptop. It’s supposed to have some pretty good Altec Lansing top firing speakers and I’ve always thought they were decent until I installed this. The sound was much richer and even at full volume I did not detect any significant distortion.

– Modern Blue Argonaut –

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Although Logitech advertises “360-degree sound” with the Z305, I was skeptical since the two speakers are located on either end of the “tube” and are clipped behind your laptop screen. I anticipated that the sound would be somewhat muffled by the lack of speaker placement directed forward toward the laptop user. I was wrong. The sound is fantastic.

– Modern Blue Argonaut –

Speakers For Laptop Computers Technical Details:

  • 360-degree sound gives you a balanced and immersive listening experience all around the room
  • One simple USB connection for power and pure digital audio?no power cord needed
  • Clip-on design and travel case make it easy to take your speaker anywhere you use your laptop
  • Built-in USB cable storage keeps the cable neatly tucked away when you’re not using it
  • Works with Windows and Mac OS laptops and netbooks

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 1.6 x 9.5 x 13.9 inches ; 8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • Item model number: 984-000138
  • Average Customer Review: 4-Stars

Product Description From The Manufacturer

Clip-and-go all-around audio. With this sleek clip-on speaker, you can easily transform your laptop into a 360-degree sound system—on your lap, bed, hotel desk or anywhere. Just plug in the USB cord and you’re ready to rock with rich, clear sound, evenly balanced throughout the room.


Improved Sound Quality With Top Quality Speakers for Laptop

If you love to listen to music but have a laptop with tinny inbuilt speakers or simply want better sound acoustics out of your laptop then you can surely get improved sound quality with top quality speakers for laptop. You can choose from a wide range of brands as well as sizes and also get several sound output options that can be easily installed based on your specific requirements.

Most laptops do not pay too much importance to sound quality since they are forced by design to squeeze in the maximum number of components into their ever-shrinking laptop bodies. Speakers thus take the brunt of design limitations and end up confined as tiny additions that severely limit the quality of the output as regards to sound depth. If you love listening to music, watch videos, or even play games then you might have surely noticed the lack of realistic sound even with the inbuilt speakers at full volume.

However, instead of resigning yourself to limited sound quality you can simply attach top quality speakers for laptop and get an instant boost in audio quality in terms of volume, depth, bass, and acoustic impedance. If you are not a fan of loud music with thumping bass then you can opt for a pair of simple speakers that can be easily connected to your laptop via the 3.5 mm headphone jack. These speakers can either be powered with their own individual power supply that would necessitate a plug point next to your laptop or they can even be powered via the USB slot on your laptop.

On the other hand, if you are an avid fan of thumping music, be it rock, pop, techno, or any other form, then you can also opt for speakers for laptop that also feature an additional sub-woofer. These speakers will totally transform the quality of sound emerging out of your laptop and they also have their own controls to set volume, bass, and even treble to further fine-tune the sound quality. While most small-sized speakers can easily be mounted on your laptop screen itself with the help of built-in brackets, larger speakers and sub-woofers can merely be placed beside your laptop. Smaller speakers powered by USB ports can also be carried along with your laptop while larger ones can provide top quality sound at a fixed location only.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for your speakers for laptop then you can opt for wired speakers that require cables to connect them to your laptop. However, if you hate messy wires and are equipped with a larger budget then you can also opt for wireless speakers that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on your USB port. You will need to have the required hardware in the form of matching sound cards or dongles as well as software drivers to enable your laptop to transmit sound signals to your speakers. The result will be a clutter-free high quality sound system that will truly be music to your ears.

If you simply want more than what your inbuilt laptop speakers can offer then you certainly have a wide choice of speakers for laptop that can noticeably improve your listening experience! You should compare features, size of the speakers, output, and prices, as well as study your own requirements before choosing the speakers that best suit your ears and your wallet.


How To Get The Best Sound Out of Your Speakers for Laptop

If your pitiful inbuilt laptop speakers are turning every song, movie, or video game into a torturous exercise for your ears then you truly need to buy external speakers that can instantly reproduce sounds the way they were meant to be. However, it is important that you take a few steps to ensure that you get the best sound out of your speakers for laptop instead of only getting a marginal improvement in the quality of sound emerging from your laptop.

Modern science has enabled laptop manufacturers to substantially reduce the size of laptops but the result is inbuilt speakers that are no larger than the size of a small coin. The result is a tinny sound that completely lacks depth and in some cases even clarity. What you require are high-tech external speakers for laptop that are specially crafted to provide crisp sound, better depth, and a wider range of frequencies to provide stunning acoustics that can turn each song, movie, or game into a memorable one.

However, simply buying the costliest speakers or huge ones will not solve your problem. You need to first study your own specific requirements as well as set up a budget so as to extract the best out of your speakers for laptop. If your laptop is mostly confined to your home or office then you can certainly connect larger speakers with a separate sub-woofer to provide ultimate depth to that thumping bass. However, you should use this option only if you love loud music with a lot of bass or play video games that consist of spectacular sound effects otherwise your ears might soon get tired of the constant thumping sound. A better option would be to simply opt for a pair of speakers minus the sub-woofer for enhanced sound at a reasonable cost.

Another important aspect in getting the best sound out of your speakers for laptop is to check the settings of your inbuilt sound card once you have connected your new speakers. If you have an inbuilt digital graphic equalizer then you can surely fiddle with the settings to get much more than simply loud bass and high treble. You can adjust the acoustic depth with the help of your digital equalizer to get that big speaker effect out of a smaller pair of speakers.

If you do travel a lot with your laptop then there are several brands that offer small sized speakers either separately or in a single long body or even with a tiny 2-inch sub-woofer that can be clipped on to your laptop screen or kept next to your laptop. These speakers can travel along with your laptop so as to offer enhanced sound quality without weighing you down. Prices range from just a few dollars for lesser-known brands to hundreds of dollars for established names.

You can choose the right speakers for laptop after reviewing the performance of those speakers as well as comparing prices and other features too. If you hate dangling wires then newer speakers that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to get connected to your laptop instead of the standard 3.5 mm earphone socket can offer a clean solution, albeit at a higher price. You should also opt for speakers that have their own sound controls to monitor volume, bass, and treble for better control or opt for ones that can simply allow you to change the settings of your computer through their own controls so as to eliminate juggling around with different settings.

There are several brands of speakers that promise to improve the quality of sound as compared to your tiny inbuilt laptop speakers. However, you should also understand as to how you can extract the best sound from those speakers for laptop so as to truly get your ears and your money’s worth at the same time.


Tips On Choosing Matching Speakers for Laptop

If you have decided that the puny speakers residing in your laptop are simply too feeble to deliver the required quality of sound then you can surely go in for speakers for laptop that will truly make a huge difference in acoustic quality. However, here are a few tips that should help you to finally choose perfectly matched speakers for your laptop that offer the best in terms of sound at believable prices.

The first and most important tip is to evaluate your own requirements before you get totally impressed by attractive-looking speakers that might not suit your needs, your laptop, or your budget. If you are constantly traveling and also wish your external speakers to accompany you at all times then you will need a small pair of portable speakers that can easily clip on to your laptop screen as well as get powered by the USB port. These speakers might not deliver a huge punch but can certainly offer better sound quality than your inbuilt speakers while remaining easy to carry at the same time.

If you love deep bass and play thumping music at all times and are also rooted to a single spot at most times then you can go in for bigger speakers for laptop that also feature a separate woofer to deliver thumping bass. These speakers can deliver unbelievable depth and higher-end speakers also feature a 360-degree sound output that can reverberate around the room to offer realistic sound whether you are listening to thumping music, watching movies, or playing action-packed games. You can also buy larger sized speakers without the woofer if you still want high-quality sound without the thumping bass. There are several well-known brands that offer excellent pairs of speakers with just the right amount of depth and clarity for your moderate needs.

Another vital tip is to carefully read the frequency range of all your short-listed speakers for laptop as well as get a demo on your own laptop before you make up your mind. However, if you are making an online purchase then a demo would not be possible. In that case you should browse through online reviews by buyers that might have already purchased those speakers. This move will help you to better understand the model that you plan to buy as well as end up with speakers that match your laptop.

One important aspect of your purchase is bound to be the cost of the speakers for your laptop. While it might be very tempting to go in for extremely cheap speakers made by totally unknown brands, it would be wise to stick to known brands even if it means shelling out a little more money. You can opt for new brands only if you get positive referrals from your close friends or can also read product reviews on various websites that would have been posted by satisfied or dissatisfied customers. If price is not a hurdle then you should directly opt for wireless speakers that totally eliminate any messy wiring while still offering crystal clear sound.

If you truly want to end up with high quality speakers for laptop that definitely provide better sound acoustics than your existing speakers within your laptop then you should certainly follow the above tips. A little effort will enable you to truly enjoy crisp acoustics, better depth, and the perfect level of bass and treble that could surpass your expectations while still allowing you to remain within your budget.


I just received the Logitech Z305 speaker today, and I am very happy with it. So much so, that I think it may be the best and only portable USB powered laptop speaker to get.

– Tom of NYC –

JLap USB speakers for laptop computersJLab USB Laptop Speakers
– Portable, Compact, Travel Notebook Speaker for PC and Mac – B-Flex Hi-Fi Stereo USB Laptop Speaker – Black (Description provided below)

Great sound from a little package. This is the tiniest unit and you would never guess but it has a huge sound for it’s size. I purchased these speakers for a boost in sound and they work great. I think they’re priced a little high, but they do have a tremendous sound for the size. Very portable and easy to take along.I would recommend them for the traveler. There a great addition for a laptop with low sound performance and very portable.

– Sogwap –

After reading several dozen consumer reviews describing laptop speakers I puchased this one. You simply plug it into your laptop, or USB hub, swivel the gooseneck to position the speaker where you want, and you’ve got an excellent speaker that fits in a small laptop utility bag.

The only complaint I have is that there is no quick volume control.

– Jus Sayin’ –

JLab USB Laptop Speakers Technical Details

  • Color: BlackPlug and play for PC* and Mac.
  • Uses only USB power, no wires or batteries!
  • Easy to use. Incredibly compact and portable. Great for travel!
  • Produces crystal clear sound with dual 1-watt digital amps and 2 high output full range micro drivers.

JLab USB speakers for laptop computer by itselfThis amazing gadget was featured in the NY Times, on ABC News, in WIRED magazine, and on virtually every gadget site in the world.
Patented flexible design allows you to totally customize your listening experience by flexing the speaker into virtually any position.

Product Details

  • Color: BlackProduct Dimensions: 5.2 x 2 x 7 inches ;  9.6 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • Item model number: BFBFFP
  • Average Customer Review:  4 Stars



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