Solar Water Features

The Many Advantages of Using Solar Water Features

Advantages of Solar Water FeaturesSolar power has been one of the most research and developed renewable energy sources on the planet. It is free energy from the sun, clean burning, causes no pollution, and yet if only utilized properly, one hour of energy produced by the sun could power every home and business in the world for a day. Solar energy has been utilized in residential applications, including water applications, since man first came out of the caves and started drying food in the sun to preserve it. The key is finding the solar water features you want.

Nowadays you can use solar power for just about anything. You can build your own solar panels, water heating systems, and even warm or cool your home. You don’t even need to change your whole house over to solar energy to take advantage of it. If you are working on a landscaping project, there are many different solar powered outdoor products available, including solar water features. These can include water fountains of just about any shape or size. They can be a small three tier water fountain that has a beautiful cascading sound, all the way up to fountains that are founds in ponds or the swimming pool.

One of the major advantages of using solar water features is that the solar lighting systems are fully self-contained, whether the panel is attached directly to the product in some way, or connected with a cable. This means you can place your fountain just about anywhere on your property and you don’t have to run an extension cord or put in a power box. The water features that have the panel integrated into the unit have one drawback that they have to be placed where there is sunlight during the day, but the features that use panels on a cable can be set up anywhere as long as the panel is exposed to the sun.

Because they absorb the sun’s energy during the day to power the water feature, storing any extra power in sealed batteries means some models can even be used at night, combining water effects with lighting effects. This definitely steps solar water features up a notch. This means that no matter what time of the day or evening, your water feature is going to work. It also means that these features are not drawing off of your home’s power source. You not only save money on your utility bills, but you can set up an elaborate water feature theme in your yard without worrying if it is going to blow a circuit.

One of the main advantages of utilizing solar water features is that there is a product for just about any theme or budget. If you are putting together some kind of Asian outdoor experience, complete with small or large statues, a water fall feature or whatever else, you can find what you’re looking for. There are small water fountains that are solar powered for well under fifty dollars, or huge ones that take up the whole corner of your yard for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The best place to find products that have solar water features is online.


Buying Tips for Solar Water Features

Solar water features cannot only add aesthetic value to your home, but can in the long run save you a lot of money. Because these features, fountains, waterfalls, and others are totally solar powered, they don’t use any of your home’s electricity. If you have a fountain that is running most of the time during the day, having one that is solar powered can save you ten or twenty dollars a month. The more you have, the more money saved.

There are some things you need to know when buying solar water features. There are two different kinds of solar power systems for these features. One is the system that is built right into the unit. Usually these products are somewhat smaller, and have the solar panel mounted right into the fountain top, with the electrical wiring completely sealed. Some even have batteries integrated into the feature as well, so your fountain can operate even after the sun goes down. While these are convenient, the draw back is that products with built in solar panels have to be placed in a sunny area in order to operate.

Another kind of solar water features have separate solar panels that are connected to the unit by a cable. These usually are larger, and have other features like lights as well, needing more power to operate. The nice thing about these products is that as long as the panel has access to the sun, you can put the features just about anywhere, even in shaded spaces.

Before buying solar water features, you should do some planning. Look around your yard or garden area and pick a spot that is going to be in a sunny location for most of the day, or at least for the panel itself. Then you should go online, where you will find the most variety and selections of these features, to find out what kinds of products are available. Doing this can give you ideas about what you want to do with your space and what kinds of themes you may want to try.

In addition to going online for the selection of solar water features products available, online retailers are going to have the cheapest prices. Some companies offer free shipping, which can also save you money. Even so, prices can vary considerably over different sites, so you want to compare prices. Luckily there are websites that offer reviews of different water feature products, comparing prices and features over several brands and retailers.

It is a good idea to take your time and buy the solar water features product that is going to fit your needs as well as your budget. This way you get the most out of the money you spend. With all the different products to choose from you are sure to find one that goes with the theme you are trying to achieve.


A Few of The Many Solar Water Features Available

Solar water features availableThere are many different kinds of solar water features available. You can choose from an abundance of fountains and water falls, or you can buy the small pumps and create your own customized solar water features. You can also include lights as well, and even some animated creations, like trains and boats.

With all that is available, for the best prices and selection you should skip the local retailers and go online instead. Here are just a few of the many products available. One is the Smart Solar Kinsington Gardens Double Tier Fountain and Bird Bath. This Eco friendly product has two different tiers; the upper one has the integrated solar panel, which powers the pump to recirculate more than two gallons of water. Since it has it’s own solar panel, you can set it up in just about any sunny location. This solar fountain is made from resin, so it not only weather resistant, it requires no maintenance. Just place, fill with water and it will start working. It has elegant antique designs, with a weathered white color, a perfect contrast in your garden setting. This solar water features product lists at $349, but can be purchase up to 30% off.

Another example of solar powered water features is the Solar Powered Frog Hollow Water Feature. This product has a separate solar panel connected to a small pond by a cable, so you can even put this feature in a shaded area. It is 16″x15″x10″ and made from polyresin, with powered sand mixed in. It is oval shaped with a stone like finish. The frog’s mouth is where the water is pumped out. This item is selling for $189.95.

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to have a solar water features product.

The Smart Solar SunJet 150 is a solar powered pumping system, ideal for small ponds and custom water features. The solar panel is mounted on a convenient stake with a connection cable more than 16 feet long. The pump is mounted on a flat base, which also doubles as the intake. The spray is around ten inches, and this unit will pump water at 40 gallons an hour. The solar panel itself is just 7.75″x3.5″x2″ so it can be placed in just about any sunny spot. This product sells for just forty dollars.

As you can tell by these examples, there are many options out there. It is important that when shopping online for solar water features products that you really look around and compare prices. While the MRP may be $100, you may be able to find the same item for up to 50% less. Also look for retailers that offer free shipping. You should also look for guarantees and the company’s return policies. Some local retailers may even have an online website. If you find the product with the solar water features you want online, you can have it shipped to the local store for free. Solar water features

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