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When you are looking for a great gift, and you don’t want to search through a bunch of stores, consider giving a Simon gift card. It’s a gift card that can be used in a number of places, and can be loaded with varying amounts of money from $20 up to $500.

Simon Gift Card - Presents designA Simon gift card is the perfect gift for busy people, and you can give it to someone who has everything knowing they can purchase whatever they want. This gift card can be used in the Simon Malls as well lots of other locations across the United States. It works like cash and it’s secure if lost or stolen although certain conditions apply.

Getting a Simon gift card with the American Express® allows the owner to use it everywhere other similar credit cards are used with the exception of casinos and cruise ship lines. There is also a Visa and MasterCard version of the card which is also accepted anywhere in the United States.

What makes the Simon gift card stand out from the pack is that unlike gift cards that are specific to one store and gift certificates, these gift cards can be accepted by just about any kind of merchant. With the Visa/MasterCard or American Express® logos, they are just like having a regular credit or debit card on hand. While they’re not real cards in the fact that they can only be loaded with money one time only, they spend just like regular credit cards and cash.

Finding a place to purchase a Simon gift card is easy, because there are over 170 Simon Malls located country wide, and you can also purchase them online at You can purchase these cards for people you love, for special occasion and to just help manage your own personal budget. Simon gift cards are also available through The Mills® or Premium Outlet Centers®.

If you choose to purchase a Simon gift card online, you will find that it’s easy and quick. If the card is for a loved one as a gift, all you need to provide is your personal information for billing purposes, the intended recipient of the gift card, their telephone number and address. Payment is also quick and easy via the traditional credit care methods. Bear in mind that you need to double-check everything, because once you order the gift card, you can’t cancel or change anything. That means you need to check the details prior to hitting the submit button.

You are also allowed to buy Simon gift cards for yourself, and some people have used them to manage their monthly budgets. It is very useful to keep you apprised as to what you’re spending money on, and when or how fast the money runs out. It will afford you the opportunity to keep tracks of the types of expenditures you are making, and you can limit your spending based on that knowledge. Also, when the card runs out of money, if you’ve budgeted that much for the month, you’ll know to either adjust your money outlay upwards, or in the coming months, spend less on certain things.

Giving gift cards is fun and easy, and your recipients will always love you for giving them. If you’re a busy, on the go type of person, gift cards are a wonderful way of saying “I love you” and “I’m thinking of you” without having to wander through stores looking for that perfect something. In this fashion, you can get the person the gift of buying what they want. Because the Simon gift card is useable in so many places, and it’s so flexible, it is one of the more popular gift cards out there. The next time you’re looking for that perfect gift, think Simon gift card and your shopping will be completed.

Simon Gift Card Benefits

Simon gift card - deluxe designFinding the best gift for someone who is picky or has everything can sometimes be tricky. One of the safest ways to get around buying something a person doesn’t like is to give them a universal gift card that’s usable in many places. Simon gift cards fit that bill with cards that are loadable from $20 to $500, and are usable in Simon Malls and a number of other restaurants and retail outlets across America. These gift cards replace cash money allowing the user to buy whatever they want just like they were spending money or using a credit card.

Having a Simon gift card is just as good as having an American Express®, Visa or MasterCard, and is used everywhere except on cruise lines and casinos. Anywhere else in the United States welcomes the Simon gift card.

Simon gift cards are great because they are useful, easy to buy and serve a very important purpose – allowing the recipient to buy a gift they want instead of accepting the guesses of the person giving the gift. With the credit card logos – American Express®, MasterCard and Visa – they work just like any regular or debit card. They aren’t real cards, but they operate like real cards with the exception of one thing. Once you load the card with cash, you can’t reload it with more money later. It’s a one and done card.

Locating a store that carries the Simon gift cards is relatively easy. All you need to do is go to and look up store locations. There are over 170 Simon malls around the United States and they sell the gift cards. They are also available through The Mills® and the Premium Outlet Centers®. Lastly, you can also order them online.

Going the online way, you can purchase them quickly and easily and have them delivered right to you. All you need to do is provide your billing information, the name, phone number and address of the recipient and use your own funds to pay for it. In that way, your loved one knows you care, and you haven’t wasted time looking in stores for inspiration. The recipient of your gift card can buy exactly what they want, and you are the hero for allowing them to do that.

One thing to keep in mind when ordering online – make sure to double check everything because once you order the Simon gift cards, you can’t cancel or make any changes to it. So, just be careful and mindful when making a purchase.

Simon gift cards are also good for budgeting purposes. You can manage your weekly monetary outlay by buying cards in certain incremental amounts. In that way, you can keep track of what you’re spending, and when the money runs out. This brings budgeting to the forefront of your mind and allows you to track everything. You’ll know that whenever the card runs out of money, you have spent your allotment for that time period. It’s a great way to stay on track with your finances.

All in all giving and receiving gift cards is a fun way to spread the love and joy you feel for those around you. They’re easy to get, easy to use and people will always love them. Because Simon gift cards are so simple to use and accepted everywhere, there’s no reason to shop for anything else when birthdays, anniversaries and the like occur.

The Simon Gift Card

Simon gift card - personalizedThe Simon gift card is a card that’s prepaid with a “stored value” which can be utilized to buy a wide variety of merchandise. It can be used anywhere in the United States that accepts credit cards. This includes retail stores, restaurants including those located in Simon malls. It is a gift card that works like cash, but because it’s a card there’s an added level of security especially if stolen or lost.

If you get the American Express® Simon gift card, it will be accepted anywhere the regular American Express® card is accepted with the exception of casinos and cruise lines. As well, if you get the Visa card version of the Simon gift card, it is accepted anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

The Simon gift card differs from other cards and gift certificates in that you don’t have to use it in a specific store. They are accepted by a number of merchants, and with the American Express® or Visa logo, they act pretty much like other credit or debit cards. While it’s not a true credit card, it can be purchased and loaded with amounts anywhere from $20 to $500. It is not, however, reloadable, so what’s on the card is all that there is to spend.

There are over 170 Simon Malls located across the United States that sell the gift card. As well, you can also visit their website, to either find the nearest mall or you can purchase the gift card online and have it shipped directly to you. Besides the Simon Malls, you can also visit the Premium Outlet Centers®, or The Mills® to get a card. They each accept credit cards including American Express®, Visa, MasterCard and Discover and of course, cash is always happily accepted for purchasing a Simon gift card.

If you decide to order online, you can use any of the credit cards mentioned above. All you need to do is supply your name, telephone number and address for purchase. If the card is for someone else besides you, include the recipient’s name, telephone number and address. You will use your MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card for purchase.

Be sure that you have everything correct when ordering online, because once you finish your order, you can’t cancel or change things. So, take extra care upfront to avoid a problem afterwards. You can also purchase a Simon gift card for your own personal use. It’s a very useful tool for budgeting your money. If you buy a gift card and load it with $100 for lunch and transportation, you’ll always know how much is left and you can keep track of how much money your spending during the course of the week. When your preloaded card is empty, you’ll know that it’s time to stop spending.

The Simon gift card is a fun, easy gift to give especially if you don’t know what the other person wants or likes. Everyone loves gift cards, because it allows them to buy what they want or save them for a rainy day when funds are low. It is also a very secure way of carrying money and managing a budget. Whatever you decide to use your Simon gift card for, know that it’s very accessible, and extremely flexible in use and locations that will accept the gift card like cash. Simon gift card

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