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All About a Rubbermaid Shed

A Rubbermaid ShedWhile most people know that Rubbermaid is a company that makes kitchen appliances, there are still some people around who don’t know that this company makes garden sheds as well. Which is quite surprising when you stop to think that these sheds have been popular for many years now. When you think about it you will see that a Rubbermaid shed make sense. Who would know more about making a waterproof shed than a company that makes contains that seals the freshness in food?

A Little About A Rubbermaid Shed

You can purchase either a vertical or horizontal Rubbermaid shed. These sheds also come in a whole range of different sizes making them great for people with both large and small yards. One of the vertical Rubbermaid sheds is so small it reminds you of a small utility closest and indeed is great for people who have small yards and only need enough storage space for a rake and perhaps a few odds and ends. Others are slightly larger and can be filled top to bottom with shelves that makes the perfect choice for people who need to store all that camping gear or simply find that their home or garage is overflowing with stuff that they simply don’t have the space for.

Then of course there is a huge Rubbermaid shed that is perfect for storing that motorcycle or garden tractor. You can even hang all those tools from the wall of the shed and keep everything organized neatly. The shed has big double doors and even a couple of skylights to make it easy to see what you are doing. Their horizontal shed also provides easy access because both the top and the front of the Rubbermaid shed opens so that you can easily reach everything inside.

Best of all a Rubbermaid shed is tough. Made of tough polymer resin these sheds can take pretty much any type of weather thrown at them without allowing water inside to damage your goods. They are also resistant to sunlight and mold and they never need painting, making them extremely low maintenance. They even look nice and neat in your yard.

Best of all, unlike many shed kits on today’s market it does not take someone who has a construction background and a few good friends who owe him favors to put a Rubbermaid shed together. Some owners of these sheds have actually reported having their shed up and ready to go within a half an hour of its arrival. Which means that instead of you spending an entire weekend or even a couple of weekend’s putting that shed together. You can have a Rubbermaid shed completely assembled and filled with the things you need to store and still have time to watch that ballgame or take a nap in the hammock.

Easy to assemble, low maintenance, fairly inexpensive, comes in a variety of sizes and extremely durable. What’s not to like about a Rubbermaid shed?


Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Rubbermaid Shed

Most people know that Rubbermaid sheds are durable, good looking and easy to assemble. However, if you are considering buying a Rubbermaid shed there are a few things you should consider before rushing out to buy one or ordering one online.

Intended Use

The first thing you are going to have to consider is what you intend to use your Rubbermaid shed for. Are you going to need lots of shelves for storing smaller items or do you want something to keep that garden tractor and all your tools in? Rubbermaid sheds come in a variety of sizes so knowing what you intend to use your shed for will help you decide exactly which Rubbermaid shed to buy.

Where Are You Going To Put Your Shed?

Once you know the location where you intend to put your Rubbermaid shed, then will know just how large a shed you can buy. If you only have a small yard and don’t need to store anything but, a rake and snow shovel there are sheds that take up a minimum of space which will allow you to store those few items so that they are easy to find without making your yard look crowded. Also keep in mind that while all Rubbermaid sheds have grooves for shelves they don’t come with the shelves, you have to purchase shelving or make your own.

How Much Stuff You Have To Store In Your Rubbermaid Shed

Deciding exactly how much stuff you have to store in your new shed is important. Experts recommend that if you have the room you get a shed that will hold at least 1/3 more stuff than you think you are going to store. That is because not only you may have missed the odd item or two but, also because you will be accumulating other things along the way that will need some storage space as well.

In fact, if you are a young couple starting out you might consider purchasing a Rubbermaid shed 50% larger than your current needs because chances are you are going to need it and having the space available is better than having to add another shed or two later on.


Of course we all wish we could just go out and buy the things we need without worrying about price, but this is the real world and we all have budgets we have to adhere to. If the size of shed you need is more than you can afford then you are either going to have to start looking for sales or settle for a shed that is smaller than you actually need. With so many different places as well as Rubbermaid’s own online site from which you can purchase a Rubbermaid shed, finding the right shed for the right price shouldn’t be too much of a problem. It will just take a little time and effort on your part to find the site that is offering the best deal on the Rubbermaid shed of your choice.

A Rubbermaid shed is great for all your storage needs and finding just the right shed for your needs only takes a little bit of consideration.


What Makes a Rubbermaid Shed So Popular?

Vertical Rubbermaid ShedIt seems like more and more people are turning to a Rubbermaid shed for their outdoor storage needs. Just why do people like these sheds so much and what is there about these neutral colored sheds that make them so popular? As it turns out there is a lot to like about a Rubbermaid shed and here are just a few things that make them so popular.

Ease of Assembly

If most people had to choose just one reason why they chose a Rubbermaid shed, they would probably tell you it is because these sheds are easy to assemble. Almost anyone can assemble one of these sheds in very little time. There is no cutting or measuring, you simply follow the easy directions and your shed is completely assembled in next to no time. Most other shed kits require more than a day to put together and it helps a great deal if you have at least a little knowledge in woodworking or construction skills.

Low Maintenance

Another thing that makes a Rubbermaid shed so popular is that these sheds require little maintenance. Made from poly resin these sheds withstand rain, snow, heat and sunlight without molding and without needing to be painted. Though they may fade slightly overtime, there is no paint to peel nor do you need to replace mildewed or rusted boards. A good spraying off with a hose periodically is all one of these sheds needs to stay looking good.

Easy To Move

One of the big pluses of a Rubbermaid shed for renters is that when they move their shed can move with them. Easy to take down and reassemble this shed can go anywhere you go, which saves you money and time. And since these sheds outlast most wooden sheds you will get plenty of use out of a Rubbermaid shed before it needs to be replaced.

A Variety of Sizes

Another thing that makes these sheds so popular is that they come in several sizes to meet everyone’s storage needs. If you have a small yard or simply need a little extra storage space you are stuck purchasing a barn like building that your garden rake and watering can will get lost in. You can simply purchase the size of shed you need to hold those few minor items and keep them handy and easy to find.

So with all the great qualities that a Rubbermaid shed has is there any downside to one of these sheds? The only downside there seems to be is that there is little variety in the color of these sheds. They are all a tan color called taupe, with slightly varying colors in the roofs. If you are the type of person who really wants a bright colored orange or red shed sitting in your yard, then the neutral color of these sheds may be a bit off putting especially since their surfaces do not hold paint well, making it difficult if not impossible to repaint them.

Other than that, if you want a durable shed, that is low maintenance and will last years and years then a Rubbermaid shed is probably for you.

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