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An Introduction to Mickey Mouse Movies

Mickey Mouse MoviesOver the years Mickey Mouse has appeared on a wide range of merchandise and he is very popular with a vast amount of people. This Disney character is the most popular within the Disney theme parks, and he is certainly liked by the younger and older generations alike. Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mouse movies are still very popular. The wide range of Mickey Mouse movies have the ability to bring generations together as both young and older people can enjoy them.

Mickey Mouse has been on the screen since the eighteenth of November 1928 when he made his debut in Steamboat Willie, which was a short animated musical that was in black and white. Nowadays, Mickey Mouse appears pretty much as he did back then. The only real difference is an occasional change of costume. It is officially thought that Mickey Mouse came about due to a brilliant inspirational burst that Walt Disney had whilst he was on a train traveling from New York to Los Angeles.

Artistically and technically, Mickey Mouse cartoons are a lot more superior compared to some of the more contemporary cartoons. This cartoon character has given life to a vast number of different Disney characters which include Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck to name a few.

As soon as Walt Disney had come up with the creation of Mickey Mouse he knew that he had to invent other characters to star alongside this new character. An air of mystery always surrounded the birth of Mickey Mouse, and there have been a vast number of different stories regarding how he was invented and who actually came up with the idea for him. The Disney Studios has an influence over the creation of the Mickey Mouse movies and also over the creation of the theme parks.

Over recent years there have been a number of Mickey Mouse televised cartoons that have appeared and there is also a television channel that is dedicated to all things Disney. These cartoons and channels are great for young children, and to be honest adults also like watching them as well. If you are a real fan of Mickey Mouse movies and Disney you will be aware that some of the best movies were made during the nineties. Some of the Disney movies that were made during the nineties included Toy Story, The Lion King and also Aladdin.

The Disney Movies that were made during the nineties actually featured morals as well as being amazing cartoons. A lot of the movies that were made during the nineties featured the popular characters of Donald, Minnie, Chip, Duck Tales and also Pluto to name a few. Nowadays these characters are really icons of the Disney name and they are considered to be classics within the Walt Disney world. There are a lot of real Disney fans that would like to see some more movies made as they are finding that they are watching the same movies time after time, but still enjoy watching them.

Characters of the Mickey Mouse Movies

There is an increasing trend for parents to let young children watch movies, and on a lot of occasions the children may be as young as eighteen months. Mickey Mouse movies are great for children to watch and they will quickly develop their favorite characters. These movies include a number of different characters which includes Mini Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Pluto to name a few. It would be true to say that children from all around the world would be able to recognize at least some of the Mickey Mouse characters.

As children grow they will be able to recognize an increasing amount of Disney characters and they will become a part of everyday life for the child. There are a lot of children that go on to collect various different pieces of merchandise that contains pictures of the Disney characters, and they will continue with this, as they get older. One of the most popular Disney characters is Mickey Mouse, and he has been welcomed into the hearts of most children all around the world.

For most children the name Mickey Mouse does not only represent one character as they associate a wide range of other characters with this name. It is hard to believe that Mickey Mouse movies have been around for more than half of a century, and for this length of time they have been a friend to a vast number of children. Despite an increasing number of new cartons being invented it is true to say that Mickey Mouse is actually still a strong favorite amongst children, and they will happily watch the cartoon for hours on end.

It is also true to say that it is not only children that benefit from Mickey Mouse movies. They also enable adults to get a little bit of peace and quiet whist the child is watching the movie. There are a lot of children that will quickly learn to behave so that they get a Mickey Mouse item whether it is a movie, toy, towels or anything else that carries the popular Mickey Mouse logo.

Over the years there have been a number of different Disney characters that have made it on to the screen and have the ability to make us laugh and cry. Disney is best known for a few of its bigger and more popular characters and there are probably ten that are more popular than some of the others, but at the top of the list it surely has to be Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse.

Minnie Mouse is really a female version of Mickey. Minnie Mouse was the first much loved female cartoon character. During the early days Minnie Mouse was the girl that needed to be rescued by Mickey Mouse; however, as time progressed the character changed and she became an important part of Mickey Mouse life. There are a lot of Disney fans that would say that Minnie Mouse is one of their favorite characters.

It is true to say that without Mickey Mouse there would actually not be any Disney. Mickey Mouse is the first character that was invented, and he is also one of the most popular characters.


The History of Mickey Mouse Movies

Mickey Mouse Movies StoriesIt is hard to believe but Mickey Mouse is now more than eighty years old, and the character looks good even now despite nothing really being changed apart from a costume here and there. It is true to say that Mickey Mouse really does not look bad for his age. It is a bit sad but the film work seems to have dried up a bit for Mickey Mouse movies over recent years, and he has not made a new film in over three years. The last movie that Mickey Mouse made went straight to video.

The face of Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic images within the world nowadays, and there is probably not one person that would not be able to recognize the face of Mickey Mouse. When Mickey Mouse turned seventy-five Disney threw a big birthday party, and this celebration happened a couple of years ago.

It is strange to imagine but Mickey Mouse began his film career alongside a rabbit, who was called Oswald. Back in the early days, the studio for Disney Brothers was part of the animations for Universal Pictures. The character of Oswald was created by Disney during 1927. Oswald had a white face that was round in shape and a big button shape nose and also big floppy ears that were black in color. This character was an instant hit and he was approved to do a series of different short films.

During 1928 Walt Disney met with the executives of Universal in an attempt to negotiate a new contract for Oswald, as he was still very popular. Oswald’s popularity led Disney to think that it would be straightforward to secure a deal. However, Universal had different ideas. The studio was prepared to keep working with Disney but only if he took a cut in his wages.

Walt Disney and one of the animators that stayed loyal to Disney worked together to do some brainstorming, and they often stayed up to past midnight doing this. They came up with a replacement for Oswald, which had shorter ears and some additional padding around its middle. This then led to the rabbit becoming a mouse, originally named Mortimer. However, this name did not last and he became known as Mickey Mouse.

However the first two short Mickey Mouse movies made were not that popular. These were followed by Steamboat Willy, which saw Mickey Mouse put at the cutting edge of animations. This cartoon was able to secure sound effects and synchronized music and this enabled this movie to hit the big screens. This film was shown for the first time on the 18th November 1928, and it was a massive success straight away.

Following this film there were a number of short Mickey Mouse movies that were made, and these included Plane Crazy. This actually predated the Steamboat Willy movie. These Mickey Mouse movies saw Mickey Mouse grow into an icon nationally, and by the end of 1928 Mickey Mouse was a mouse that had superstar status.

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