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An Overview of a Kenwood Food Processor

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The Kenwood company makes an entire line of kitchen appliances among them a wide variety of food processors to fit almost any budget and any need. Known for it’s wide variety of accessories the Kenwood food processor is a processor that is said to do everything from soups to nuts quite literally.

Kenwood Food ProcessorWhat The Kenwood Food Processor Can Do

Depending on what model of the Kenwood food processor you choose, these little workhorses can make life in the kitchen faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Some models of this machine come complete with a juicer, citrus press, multi mill, chopping blades, shredding discs, bread tool and whisks.

So whether you want to mix bread dough, make a cake, mince garlic or other herbs, or make incredibly smooth shakes and smoothies one of these machines will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Features of the Kenwood Food Processor

While different models of the Kenwood food processor may have different features there are some features that are quite common to all the machines in this line up. When you buy one of these machines you will find:

  • Suction cups on the base to help hold the machine to your kitchen cabinet and keep it from moving while it is running
  • Great space design. Even the larger models are designed to take up less room on your kitchen cabinets
  • Easy to clean. Many of these food processors are 100% dishwasher safe and others are simple and easy to clean by hand
  • Great looks. Whether you choose a white model, silver, or titanium these machines look great sitting in your kitchen
  • Wealth of accessories. Most models of the Kenwood food processor come with a multitude of accessories. In some cases, these machines can provide so many functions that actual reviewers have stated that they have a difficult time figuring out all the things one of these machines does

Like many kitchen appliance companies Kenwood has its hits and its misses. Some models rate as high as 4 ½ stars while some score less than average. If you are interested in purchasing one of these food processors please take the time to read the reviews to help ensure that you get the right style and functions that you want and need.

Overall, the Kenwood food processor seems to be a quality machine that does everything you would expect from a food processor and more. They allow you to make a variety of foods without losing any of the vitamins or minerals that are so good for your health. Many reviewers stated that not only did this machine save them time and energy in the kitchen but, made them buy less processed foods and make more healthy foods from scratch. It seems like a Kenwood food processor just might be what many people need to turn them from a couch potato to a health food junkie!


Should You Buy a Kenwood Food Processor?

If you love cooking and using fresh and natural ingredients then perhaps a Kenwood food processor is for you. While there are many other manufacturers of food processors on the market and many different models of these machines from each manufacturer if you really enjoy making all your own food from scratch then you will probably not find another machine that combines so many functions in one simple package.

Bowls And Pitchers

While many food processors on the market claim their machines are great for chopping, dicing, and pureeing as well as for making homemade juices, shakes, and smoothies most food processors come with only a bowl which makes working with liquids less than ideal. However, most Kenwood processors come with both a bowl and a pitcher for liquefying. Making them work as a food processor and blender in one and making it easier not only to mix those liquid ingredients but, to pour them as well. In addition many models of the Kenwood food processor come with a citrus press, which allows you to make your own fresh squeezed orange, grapefruit, lemon, or lime juice simpler and easier than you would have thought possible.

Great For Homemade Soups

If you enjoy making homemade soups, these handy machines takes a lot of work out of chopping those meats and vegetables. Whether you want to make a chunky vegetable soup or prefer your vegetables diced and pureed for your soup vase, a Kenwood food processor can give you exactly what you want.

From Appetizers To Desserts

A Kenwood food processor can help you create an elegant dinner from appetizers to desserts. Homemade liver pate? This machine can make wonderful and tastefully delicious pates and spreads for those appetizers you have just been dying to try. But that’s not all. You mix cakes, make bread, chop vegetables, nuts, and herbs. You can create your own spices, and even use these machines to make salads. Making a 7 course dinner was never faster and it also makes spending time cooking more fun.

Affordable, Easy to Use, Easy To Clean

Best of all, a Kenwood food processor is affordable which means that you create wonderful healthy meals for your family for less than you may have thought possible. In addition most of these machines only have a couple of speeds and a pulse so they are easy to use, not like some food processors that have so many buttons you feel like you need to join NASA simply to get the machine started. These food processors are also easy to clean with most parts being dishwasher safe, which means that you can get out of the kitchen and actually spend some time with your guests.

You may not need a Kenwood food processor but if you enjoy cooking healthy food and saving time in the kitchen while preparing a vast array of tempting dishes for your family and friends to enjoy then a Kenwood food processor can help you accomplish all that and more.


The Best and the Worst Kenwood Food Processor

People who use food processors love their convenience and usefulness but expect these machines to do what they are suppose to do and do it flawlessly. Choosing the right food processor can make your cooking experience more enjoyable while choosing the wrong processor can make for your own “Kitchen Nightmares.” Kenwood is a company known for fine food processors, and indeed they have a fine line up with their worst machines scoring slightly above average and their best scoring almost perfect in user reviews. Here is a look at the best and the worst Kenwood food processor.

The Kenwood FP 520

The Kenwood FP 520 was chosen as the best of this company’s machines because even though several other models scored as high in the ratings most reviews seemed more enthusiastic about this particular model. Features of the Kenwood FP

  • 700 watt motor
  • Calibrated 1.51 liquidizer
  • Carousel attachments storage system
  • Detachable blade
  • Feed tube pushers
  • Easy wind cord
  • 2 speed pulse
  • Safety interlock
  • Wide variety of accessories

Overall, actual users loved the FP 520 giving this Kenwood food processor 4 ½ out of 5 stars. Here are just a few of the things reviewers liked about this machine:

  • Compact and looks great on kitchen cabinet
  • Does everything a food processor should do
  • Durable will last 5 years or longer with regular use
  • Great for making home made baby food
  • Chops things really fine
  • Perfect for salads and making soups
  • Great shakes

The only real complaint reviewers had about the Kenwood FP 520 was that they wished it was a bit larger. Overall, they felt that the FP520 was a great machine that provided them with a variety of functions from chopping nuts, to making shakes, soups, pates and even breads.

The Kenwood FP 250 Multi Pro

The Kenwood FP 250 was chosen as the worst Kenwood food processor due to the fact that many reviewers had the same issues with this machine. However, keep in mind that even at it’s worst, it scored 3 ½ stars out of 5, earning it above average ratings. Here are some features of the FP250:

  • 750 watt motor
  • 2.1 liter bowl
  • 1.2 liquidizer
  • 2 speed pulse
  • Chrome

Kenwood Food ProcessorThere were several thing that users liked about the FP250 and these included:

  • Lots of tools
  • Compact design
  • Made great smoothies
  • Easy to clean and store

The issues that customers had with this Kenwood food processor included:

  • The bowl capacity was less than stated
  • Parts kept breaking
  • Several people were concerned about a continuous burning smell these machines gave off when running

Overall, it seems that neither of these food processors are designed for large family cooking but that should be expected. If you want to prepare food for large groups a commercial processor simply makes more sense. While both of these machines appear to be good, the Kenwood FP 520 is clearly a better choice when it comes to durability.

Recommended Source:  Kenwood Food Processor

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