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Karcher SC1122 Steam Cleaner – Customer Comments And Complaints

Product Name: Karcher SC1122 Steam Cleaner

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Karcher SC1122 Steam CleanerKarcher SC1122 Steam Cleaner Product Features

  • 1400 watt heater
  • 1.2 boiler capacity
  • Very short heating times
  • Steam pressure of 3.0 bar
  • Window Squeegee included for window cleaning
  • Round bristle nozzle for stubborn areas
  • Detail nozzle
  • Two extension poles
  • Floor Tool, Hand Tool, Terry cloth and cover
  • Descaling facility
  • Descaling chemical 100g

Karcher SC1122 Steam Cleaner Product details

  • Boxed-product Weight: 6 Kg
  • Item model number: 1.518-104.0
  • Average Customer Review: 4 stars

Karcher SC1122 Steam Cleaner Manufacturer’s Description

Karcher SC1122 Mobile Domestic Steam Cleaner is a high performance domestic steam cleaner. The machine works just with the power of water – all you need is a tap and a plug socket. The very short heating time is used to turn ordinary tap water into high-pressure steam, perfect for all domestic steam cleaning requirements such as: kitchen work surfaces, ovens and hobs, taps and sinks, windows, mattresses, clothing, tiles, plants and floors.

The long electrical cable provides a large working radius, letting you do multiple jobs around the house without having to constantly plug and unplug the cleaner. This Karcher steam cleaner comes with an extensive set of accessories, including a power nozzle, round bristle nozzle, floor tool, hand tool, two extension poles, terry toweling cloth and cover, window squeegee and bio-descaler chemical. Give this Karcher a try and you’ll find cleaning is now simple, easy and efficient. The SC1122 also includes a heat safety lock.


I have owned a Polti in the past, this is much cheaper and about as good. I find the Karcher SC1122 steam cleaner to be a quick and easy way to get a high standard of cleaning over most surfaces and I’d recommend it. After an hour or two of usage the place smells (and looks) good and clean, no lingering chemical residues.

– J. Partington –

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Showers, basins etc – it won’t shift limescale deposits so the surfaces need to be pretty clean before the steam cleaner is used. Then a weekly whiz over will keep them looking good.
Cooker, oven – again it’s not going to help much with ingrained or burnt on grease etc (suggest soda crystal solution), but once the cooker’s in a good state the steam cleaner is very effective at keeping it that way, and again the nozzle is great for blowing muck out of crevices.

– J. Partington –

An Overview of the Karcher SC1122 Steam Cleaner

Today more and more people are concerned about the harmful effects of chemicals on both the environment and on their family’s health. This has caused many people to consider alternatives to those harsh hold chemicals cleaners that many of us have grown up with. While there is a host of environmentally safe cleaning product on the market today most lack the umph of those traditional chemical cleaners. Perhaps, that is why many more people are discovering the Karcher steam cleaner.

While steam cleaners have been used by commercial cleaning companies for decades they are a relatively new product as far as home use goes so many people are just now discovering the cleaning power of steam cleaners in general and the Karcher steam cleaner in particular.

The Karcher SC1122 steam cleaner is made in Germany and sells for anywhere between $100 and $300 depending on what model you buy. This makes them some of the least expensive steam cleaners around. Karcher steam cleaners are blessed with big water tanks, though some models have bigger tanks than others. They also have a boiler system that keeps the water hot, which means you are getting really hot steam that help sanitize as you clean. This means that these cleaners can actually steam away mold, mildew, germs and bacteria leaving your home more sanitary than you have thought possible. In addition the Karcher steam cleaner cleans a variety of surfaces including floors, windows, clothing, curtains, mattresses, tile, counter tops, and those hidden corners that are difficult to reach.

One thing you have to remember though is that the Karcher steam cleaner isn’t magic. While it make those cleaning jobs simpler and easier, you still have to clean. This means that you need plenty of cleaning rags to wipe up the dirt that these cleaners soak free.

Overall, reviews on the Karcher steam cleaner are quite good (though they do differ from model to model) with most reviewers stating they love the time saving convenience of cleaning with these steam cleaners. Best of all there are a variety of models to choose from so that it is easy to find a model that might be right for all your needs. The gauntlet of Karcher steam cleaners run from the 1102 which is an entry level domestic steam cleaner to the powerful 1701 designed for the professional housekeeper.

If you are looking for a good home steam cleaner to clean your home faster and easier then why not check out the Karcher SC1122 steam cleaner. These cleaners offer you great cleaning at a reasonable price that won’t break your budget. One of these cleaners is a great way to keep your home sparkling clean while protecting the environment and your family from the negative effects of the harsh chemical cleaners.

Shopping online for a Karcher steam cleaner could save you even more money as many online stores offer discounts on steam cleaners and other products.


Why the Karcher Steam Cleaner Has Not Taken The U.S. Market By Storm

The Karcher steam cleaner is internationally known as reasonably priced, durable, and a great steam cleaner. However, they seem to be far less popular in the United States than in many other places of the world. However, that is slowly changing as more and more Americans become familiar with the Karcher name and its line of steam cleaners.

Why Karcher Has Not Taken The U.S. Market By Storm

Many people believe that the slow growth in sales of the Karcher steam cleaner in the United States market is because these cleaners may somehow be lacking in effectiveness. That is simply not the case. The reason these machines are not taking over the U.S. market has more to do people’s reluctance to change than with the effectiveness of any given machine.

The United States has many companies that began selling carpet cleaners and have branched out into manufacturing steam cleaners. Some of these companies have been around for 100 years and have earned a reputation for quality products. People have come to trust these companies and are reluctant to try something new. So when Karcher enter the American steam cleaner market it went up against some powerful and well-established companies who have been a part of American lives for generations.

However despite the stiff competition that Karcher faced, they did not back down and slowly they have been making strides in the American market. They are doing this by presenting consumers with a range of steam cleaners to choose from all of which are high functioning and highly durable. In addition, the price of a Karcher steam cleaner is highly competitive with the American brands of steam cleaners being sold, giving consumers another choice when looking for environmentally safe cleaning machines.

As long as the Karcher steam cleaner keeps being the high functioning and reasonably priced machine that they are today, their future looks bright in the United States. People who have purchased these machines and loved them has passed the word about these great steam cleaners. The more satisfied customers there are the more popular these machines will become. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and breaking into the American market is going to take some time. But if there is one thing that people in the U.S. want it is great products that cut the work time in half and there is no doubt that the Karcher steam cleaner saves hours of cleaning time for the average citizen each week.

So while a Karcher steam cleaner may not be a household name in America yet, they soon will be because a good product is worth its weight in gold no matter where it is manufactured or how many other products it is competing with. If you haven’t checked out the line of Karcher steam cleaners yet, perhaps it is time you did.


The Karcher SC1122 Steam Cleaner Reviewed

Steam cleaners are finding their way into more and more homes these days. Not only do they cut down on the time you need to spend cleaning but they kill germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew that can make you and family ill. These cleaners also provide an environmentally friendly alternative to those harsh chemical-cleaning solutions that have been around for generations. There are many different brands of steam cleaners on the market but one brand that is gaining in popularity is the Karcher steam cleaner, which is becoming internationally known for both its durability and quality of design.

One of the best steam cleaners is the Karcher SC1122 steam cleaner. Here are some of the features that make the Karcher SC1122 steam cleaner so effective:

  • 1400 watt heater
  • 1.2 boiler capacity makes sure your steam comes out constantly hot
  • Short heat up time. Unlike many other steam cleaners you won’t find yourself waiting and waiting for this steam cleaner to get ready to go
  • Comes with a window squeegee to make cleaning those windows quick an easy
  • 2 extension poles to help clean those out of the way places
  • Comes with floor and hand tools and terry cloth cover

Reviews for the Karcher SC1122 steam cleaner are extremely positive with this cleaner rating 4 out of 5 stars across the net in actual users reviews. In most cases those people who actually used the SC1122 found this to be a great little steam cleaner that cleans just about everything. Here are some of the different areas and objects users used this Karcher steam cleaner to clean:

  • Floor and wall tile and grout
  • Toilets, sinks, and cabinet tops
  • Windows
  • Mattresses
  • Ovens
  • Grills
  • Patio furniture
  • Baby furniture
  • Carpets
  • Car exteriors and interiors

Most users found the Karcher SC1122 Steam Cleaner easy to assemble and easy to store. In addition, many users commented on not only how fast it cleans their homes but also how clean and shining everything looked overall. Best of all, for most women who normally were left doing all the cleaning themselves they discovered that their husbands were eager to try our this new “toy” and once they started using it they kept on helping around the house, at least when it came to steam cleaning tasks. Users did have a few complaints about the SC1122 and these included:

  • The bristles on the brushes of the tools bent and melted somewhat easily
  • There were no wheels making one have to drag or lift and carry this machine from area to another
  • It was quite expensive to purchase more cleaning cloths

Karcher steam cleaner SC1122However, overall the Karcher SC1122 Steam Cleaner seems to be a powerful cleaning tool that cuts cleaning time in half while providing a cleaner more sanitary environment for your family. If you are looking to add a steam cleaner to your cleaning tool the Karcher SC1122 steam cleaner is a great choice to consider.



Windows, glass surfaces – quick steam blast then squeegee works, the steam lifts grease and the result is good

Tiles – nozzle excellent for cleaning up grouting, brush/cloth is good for quick clean up

Wood floors – nozzle for spotting then as for tiles

Carpets – nozzle usually ok for spots, brush/cloth good for animal hairs (they shrivel away from the carpet fibres and can be vacuumed up); it won’t clean a grubby carpet but it’ll keep a clean one in good order

Skirtings, crevices, doors – nozzle plus hand cloth gets rid of dust and spots really quickly.

– J. Partington –


We hoped it would be useful but it’s surpassed our hopes – we’re now running out of things to clean:-)

– Nick –


I’ve used a steamer now for several years but this is the best one i’ve had, the trigger is that light that the kids could do it. Best job the car,
absolutely brilliant at getting fluff and dog hairs off the car seats. Wished it had a wall paper stripper tool though.

– Sunshine –


This steam cleaner works. It cleaned the grout on the kitchen floor and made them white again …

– M –


Easy to assemble and use with clear instructions. Well made with safety features which were not present on a cheaper steam cleaner I had in the past. It’s a good idea to fill with warm water to save time waiting for the pressure to build up.

– AnnSouth –

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