Jotul Wood Stoves

Jotul Wood Stoves


What’s So Hot About Jotul Wood Stoves?

There is nothing quite like sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter’s night. There is just a certain sense of coziness about watching the glittering orange flames, and hearing the crackle of the wood. Wood stoves warm do more than warm your body, they also warm your heart and your soul. But, a wood stove is a wood stove. So why is it that your hear so many people talking about Jotul wood stoves? Just what is so hot about these stoves that makes them so popular?

Jotul Wood StovesA Sense of History

Believe it or not one of the reasons that Jotul wood stoves are so popular is because they give people and homes a sense of history. In the world we live in where it seems like everything changes from day to day it’s nice to have an item in your home from a company that began over 150 years ago. The sense of history that this stove gives many peoples seems to build a connection between you and your ancestors. Sitting in front of a Jotul wood stove you can almost imagine your ancestors from 100 years ago sitting in front of the same type of stove by the same company warming themselves from the cold outside.

A Well Made and Well Performing Stove

Of course one would not care too much about the sense of history of these stoves if they weren’t so well made and functioning. The truth is Jotul wood stoves do an excellent job of heating your home and are made to last year after year.

Besides, working well, these stoves also look great, actually adding to your home décor. The different designs, shapes and sizes of these stoves make them great for almost any style home. What’s not to like about a stove that looks great, provides warmth for your family, and cuts down on those high energy bills all at the same time.

Tax Credits

Jotul wood stoves also have the added benefit of earning you tax credits when you have one of these stoves installed in your home. Several models of these stoves have been found to be so energy efficient that you tax credits for installing and using one of these stoves. Which means that when you consider the tax credit these stoves cost even less than you can even imagine.

In a world where most things are measured in dollars and cent, Jotul wood stoves make sense. They are reasonably priced, energy efficient, and provide your family with the warmth they need when the weather turns cold and bitter. Best of all, they are attractive and made of cast iron which is durable and long lasting.

What’s so hot about Jotul wood stoves? Practically everything from their great looks, to their durability, to the decorative screens that allows for hour upon hour of gazing into the golden glow of the flames and daydreaming as the sound of the wood snapping and crackling lulls you to into a feeling of peacefulness.


Jotul Wood Stoves Model F602 – Great Things Come In Small Packages

The F602 Jotul wood stove is the smallest wood stove on today’s market. But, don’t let it’s small size fool you, this is one great little piece of heating equipment capable of heating 800 square feet of space until you feel toasty warm. None of this is too surprising as Jotul wood stoves are quite popular and they are considered to be high quality wood burning cast iron stoves. But, what is surprising is that out of all the much larger wood stoves on the market today that the F602 is not only the smallest stove but also the most popular wood stove ever sold. That’s right, there have been over 1 million Jotul wood stoves sold. But, just why is this stove so popular? There are lots of reasons for this stove’s popularity and here are just a few.

It’s Small Size

The F602’s small size is one of the things that make this stove so popular. It fits perfectly into that hunting cottage, apartment, or small cold room and provides warmth and charm to these small places. Too many times cottages lack central heating and most full size Jotul wood stoves take up so much room that there isn’t any space left for you to relax. But, the incredibly small size of this stove allows it to fit into those places that other types of heaters just can’t fit.

It’s Great Looks

While the F602’s small size makes it perfect for smaller area, it’s great looks and cool design makes it aesthetically pleasing. Most people love the charging lion on the side plate of the stove, and they really like the great glass door that actually allows them to watch the fire burn. This makes that hunting lodge not only toasty warm but, turns it into a romantic escape as well.

Functional Cook Plate

The functional cook plate on this stove actually helps you to save money. Making stews on soups right on top of your heating stove saves you from turning on that kitchen stove to prepare dinner. With this handy little stove you can have hot soup and tasty stews made right on top of your heating stove saving on their energy bill. The cook plate is also idea for keeping that tea kettle hot and making great pancakes!

5 Year Warranty And A Tax Credit Too!

In a day and age when most companies simply do not stand by their products it is nice to see a company that offers a 5 year warranty on it’s products. The warranty is just one of the things that make Jotul wood stoves so popular. This stove is also EPA approved and when you purchase it you also may qualify for a tax credit up to $1500, which makes this one of the most reasonably priced stoves on the market as well.

With its great looks, durability and money saving features this little stove, from Jotul wood stoves, proves once and for all great things really do come in small packages.


A Look At Two Of The Models Of Jotul Wood Stoves

Jotul Wood Stoves 2With more and more people to turning to wood heat to help keep warm on those cold winter nights and to help save on those climbing utility bills. It is probably time to take a look at some of the models of Jotul wood stoves. Jotul wood stoves are considered to be some of the best wood stoves on the market today. They come in various sizes and shapes and are very fuel-efficient.

Jotul F500 Oslo

The Jotul F500 Oslo is a beautiful looking stove with a lot of nice features. It has both front and left side loading as well as front and left side ash slips to catch the ashes. It has a huge fire viewing area that could rival most small fireplaces. The F500 uses Jotul’s non-catalytic clean burn technology and comes with a 5 year limited warranty. Best of all this stove is large enough to use as a primary source of heat. Reviews on the Jotul F500 are quite favorable with reviewers stating that this stove can heat up to 2900 feet easily. Some of features that actual users liked about the Jotul F500 were:

  • Fuel efficient and clean burning
  • Side loading feature helps keep ash from spilling out when you load the stove
  • Nice looks and incredible finish
  • Burns for 5 to 6 hours at night when damped down

Jotul F11 8CB Black Bear

The Jotul F118 CB Black Bear is another of the Jotul wood stoves that has some really great features. Some of the interesting features of this stove include the back to front cigar burn and the non-catalytic secondary combustion system. A latticework glass front and a fully functioning cook plate makes this stove even more fuel-efficient.

Users really like the black bear and have these good things to say about this stove:

  • Because it is longer front to back it actually takes larger pieces of wood which saves sawing and stacking time
  • The cook plate is great for making stews and soups on that cold winter night
  • The narrow design of this stove makes it easy to insert into fireplaces
  • The view window has lovely lattice work which adds to the overall elegant design of this stove

Both the Jotul F500 Oslo and Jotul F 118 CB Black Bear seem to deliver the type and amount of heat that people want and need on the cold winter nights. Many of the reviewers reported that these stoves handled almost all of their cold weather needs saving them on other types of fuel.

Whether you are looking for a small wood stove just to help ward off the chill from those colder rooms in the house or want a wood stove that is large and durable enough for whole home heating it seems that Jotul wood stoves can deliver the heat you need effortlessly.


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