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Instant Hot Water Heaters – A Great Way to Go Green

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If you are looking for ways that you can help out the environment, you may want to consider going with instant hot water heaters in your home. These heaters provide a great way to go green and they have a lot to offer. Here is a closer look at these heaters, how they can help you go green, and more helpful information you need to consider.

Instant Hot Water HeatersInstant Hot Water – Go Green in Comfort

Usually things that are better for the environment don’t always provide you with the most comfort. However, instant hot water heaters are different. They are not only a great way to go green, but they also provide you with the hot water that you want fast. Instead of wasting water while you are waiting for the water to heat up and arrive at the fixture you are using, you won’t have to wait. The water is heated instantly and delivered to you right away. This can definitely end up saving a whole lot of energy in the long run.

How Does it Work?

You may be wondering how you can get the hot water so fast. You’ll find that these systems work by being right at the fixture in most cases. All you have to do is turn on the pump on these heaters and they’ll heat up the water before you use it. These small heaters heat up water fast and when you are done with the hot water, you can turn them off so you are saving on energy. This way you don’t just waste water while you are waiting for the hot water that you need.

How it Helps the Environment

So, you may be wondering, how do these instant hot water heaters help out the environment? Well, they help the environment in a couple of different ways. First, they help with water conservation. Since the water that you need is hot instantly, you don’t have to keep running water to get the hot water. You don’t spend a few minute running water in the kitchen sink waiting for the hot water you need. You won’t have to turn on the shower a few minutes before you get in to make sure you get hot water.

Of course, these heaters do more than just save water, they also can save electricity and gas. Many people have traditional gas or electric hot water heaters. These heaters heat the water and also store it and then they have to deliver the hot water to the rest of the house. Constantly keeping water hot can definitely use up a large amount of energy. However, you don’t have to worry about this with the instant hot water heaters. The instant heaters only use a small amount of energy because you only use them long enough to get the hot water that they need. Then they are turned off. This means they’ll use only a small amount of energy, which is another way that they can help out the environment.


Tips for Choosing Instant Hot Water Heaters

You’ll find that instant hot water heaters have a lot to offer. They are a green option that can even score you a tax credit or an instant rebate. However, you definitely need to ensure you choose the right one if you’ve decided to begin using them within your home. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to choosing your new tankless hot water heater, here are a few great tips that can make it easier for you.

Tip #1 – Consider the Size

The first thing to consider as you are choosing from all the instant hot water heaters available is the size. It’s a good idea to do a bit of research before you make your decision. Get some information to find out the proper size for your home size and the number of fixtures that you have. You’ll also find that you can find tax incentives, grants, and rebates available from the government, but they depend on size. If you know what size you need, you’ll be able to find the options that offer the best financial benefits.

Tip #2 – Decide on the Right Fuel Type

You’ll also need to consider the fuel type when choosing instant hot water heaters. You have a few different options to consider. The fuel type you choose can have an impact on the cost of operation. Three of the options that you can consider include natural gas, electricity, and propane. Natural gas is an option that you can find in various areas and this fuel type will offer you a flow rate of about 2-5 gallons of hot water per minute. Electricity is probably the easiest and most accessible fuel option, but it offers less of a flow rate. Propane is another option that you can consider, although it may not be as readily available to you.

Tip #3 – Check Out the Energy Efficiency

Another important tip to keep in mind as you are looking for the right instant hot water heaters for your needs is to check out the energy efficiency of the heater before you decide. The energy factor can help you figure out the overall energy efficiency of the water heater. The measurement is based upon the amount of fuel consumed in a day and the amount of hot water that the heater is able to produce.

As you are looking at all the instant hot water heaters available, consider the size, the fuel type, and the energy efficiency. Of course, these are not the only factors to keep in mind as you are making your decision. You also need to keep in mind the cost of maintenance as well as the cost of installation. To get the information that you need, it’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer to find out more about specific models that you are considering. You may also want to talk with a good plumber to figure out how much it will cost to convert your home to this type of a system.


Adding Instant Hot Water Heaters to Your Home

If you’re not familiar with instant hot water heaters, you’ll find that these are heaters that are designed to heat up water on demand. There is no tank because they don’t store up the hot water. When you turn on hot water, it heats the hot water right then. For this reason, they are also referred to as tankless hot water heaters or as on demand hot water heaters. Of course, if you are considering adding this type of a heater to your home, you definitely need to learn more about them.

There is a lot of hype that surrounds instant hot water heaters. However, you need to look beyond the hype to get a closer look at the pros and cons. While these heaters can be a great option if you use them correctly, but they can become a real drag if you don’t use them the right way. Before deciding this is the right option for you, here are a few factors that you need to consider.

First, you need to realize that there are a couple of options to consider if you are thinking about using instant hot water heaters. There are whole house options and point of use options. The point of use hot water heaters are installed by a particular area of the house. For example, you may use one to heat water for your kitchen sink or you may use them to heat water for showers. These options are less expensive and won’t cost quite as much money as the whole house options.

On the other hand, you have the whole house instant hot water heaters. This means that they have to handle demand for several fixtures at once. You have to consider the amount of fixtures that you will be hooking up to the heater before you choose one. The size of heater you will need will depend on the number of fixtures you need hot water for and it also depends on the fixture type as well. Just keep in mind that these hot water heaters are much more expensive than the point of use options. In fact, they can cost several thousand dollars, depending on the one that you choose.

Instant hot water heater - natural gas

Another thing to consider if you’re trying to decide if instant hot water heaters are for you is the groundwater temperature. The groundwater temperature can depend on where you live. This means that if you live in colder regions, it can take more for the heater to heat the water up. However, if you live in warmer areas, you won’t need as powerful of a heater because it’s easier to heat up the water with higher groundwater temperatures.

The good news is that you can find a variety of instant hot water heaters manufacturers to choose from if you decide that you do want to go with instant hot water heaters for your home. Just a few of the top manufacturers to consider include Sets Systems, Bosch USA, Paloma Industries, Noritz America Corp., and a whole lot more.

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