Husqvarna Sewing Machines

Husqvarna Sewing Machines Offers Plenty For The Inspired Seamstress

Husqvarna Sewing MachinesIf you love to create and enjoy the fun of sewing clothing, quilts or other household items, you will be inspired with the variety of Husqvarna Sewing Machines. There are several models to choose from, including the Mega Quilt, Sapphire 875 Quilt, the Sapphire 835, the Emerald family that offers models 203, 183, 116 and 118 for all types of sewing and the basic machines in the H Class family-E10 and E20, just to name a few. These are some of the most common for those that love to quilt or might enjoy everyday sewing, but you can find Overlock Machines and innovations, like Embroidery Designs and Software too.

Husqvarna sewing machines are also known under the brand name of Husqvarna Viking, but they are specifically designed for the innovative and creative seamstresses that love to sew. As a worldwide name, the company has a proven track record in superior quality, including the various options offered under the Husqvarna sewing machines brand name.

Husqvarna sewing machines come from a proud heritage, since the Swedish company was originally founded as a royal arms factory in 1689, but needed to diversify when rifle orders started falling. You might find it hard to believe the company has been a prominent world leader in machines for seamstresses since 1872, when deciding to create a “sewing machine for families and craftsmen”. Early models included the introduction of straight-line models and the release of the oscillation bobbin, raising the company to worldwide recognition.

From there, there were other releases, including the first electric models of Husqvarna sewing machines in 1934 and the first zig-zag model in 1947. By 1980, the introduction of the world’s first “writing” sewing machine, capable of sewing letters, revealed a whole new class of machine. With the micro-computer models to help you guide the formation of stitch patterns, the computer age didn’t overlook the computerized Husqvarna sewing machines that were popular for professional-quality machine embroidery.

It doesn’t matter which part of the craft or hobby you are most interested in, because Husqvarna sewing machines offer some of the most innovative features for the most creative seamstresses.

Whether you love quilting, embroidery or sewing for a hobby, you will find the perfect option from the product lines. It might be hard to believe that the first computerized Husqvarna sewing machines are more than 32 years old and the first embroidery machines are only a couple years away from the 20th anniversary.

If you are a hobbyist seamstress, you might want Husqvarna sewing machines that feature a one-step buttonhole and simple threading, like the H Class E20. On the other hand, serious quilters might want to try the Mega Quilter, which can sew 1600 stitches per minute at full speed. While it’s a high-speed straight stitch machine, it makes quilting so much quicker and easier that those that get bored with tedious straight-line sewing will fall in love with quilting! When you want spectacular results, yet want to add your own creative inspirations to your sewing, Husqvarna sewing machines are the perfect solution.


New Releases Of Husqvarna Sewing Machines That Embroider Too!

Husqvarna sewing machines have been around since the late 1800s, with many firsts among their innovations, but today’s offerings have many features that make sewing and embroidery fun and creatively inspiring. With the release of the embroidery/sewing Designer series, you get more capabilities than you could possibly expect. Designer Ruby is just one of the Husqvarna sewing machines that fit into this particular class of newer releases that can do almost anything! You can also get other versions, such as the Designer Diamond or Topaz.

Designer Ruby features the exclusive sensor system, where the presser foot lowers and raises automatically for any thickness of fabric or change to different techniques. It also features the exclusive sewing advisor and embroidery advisor, setting the best stitch, width, length and tension. With the automatic jump stitch trim, you can eliminate trimming when you are creating embroidery masterpieces, and it automatically pulls the threads under for the perfect finish. For perfect embroidery design positioning, resizing and all kinds of decorative stitching in your embroidery masterpieces, Husqvarna sewing machines practically automate the details so you can devote your efforts towards creativity.

These are only part of the reasons the Designer Ruby is popular for those that enjoy crafting, creating fashion clothing and accessories or creating heirloom quality lace and trims. What some seamstresses love are the extras, like the top and bobbin thread sensor with alert that helps you know when your thread is running low or tells you if it breaks. You can update your machine’s capabilities over the Internet, going to the website for the latest software or for restoring original default settings.

Other embroidery/sewing models include the Designer Diamond, Designer Topaz, the H Class 600E and 500E models. For those that love to create their own trims and fashion embellishments, the Husqvarna sewing machines that also embroider are just some of the latest innovations offered. For more than 135 years, cutting-edge technologies have been the leading characteristic of the brand’s engineering and manufacturing process, resulting in superior-quality Husqvarna sewing machines, since the diversification into this product line.

For those that might need ideas and more inspiration, there are all kinds of fun projects you can download, including ideas from Martha Stewart. Of course, there are many things that set the Husqvarna sewing machines apart, especially when you consider it was more than 30 years ago that computerized models were first released. Since that time, new engineering has led to even more features and these machines make sewing and embroidery fun activities you will look forward to doing all the time!

The 5D software allows you to choose from all kinds of projects with the embroidery Husqvarna sewing machines because you can design monograms for your napkins and linen, embroider photos of your friends and family or do traditional, yet modern cross-stitch designs. Making your own cutwork and lace is fun and you can turn out some beautiful embroidered pieces for your home or make some uniquely customized trim for fashionable clothing that is one-of-a-kind. With the new releases of Husqvarna sewing machines that embroider and sew, the possibilities are endless!


Husqvarna Sewing Machines Aren’t Too Technical For Those That Read Instructions

Husqvarna Sewing Machines close-upThere are many of the “old-school” seamstresses that might think Husqvarna sewing machines are just too technologically advanced. While it is true they are more capable than many other models on the market, they are considered quality-built workhorses that have a number of features to make your creative sewing, embroidery and serging projects, much easier and more creatively inspired. It’s possible to create professional-quality embroidery, enjoy some of the fastest quilting straight-stitches and machine serging can be done with 4 or 5 threads. With the built-in needle threading, the process isn’t as difficult, but there are many neat features included with the variety of models.

Husqvarna sewing machines are from a Swedish entity that has undergone innovations over the 135 years that the company has been making these full-featured machines. There are many “firsts” in the history of Husqvarna sewing machines, including the world’s first “letter-writing” machine, but there are many unique embroidery and stitching functions these models are capable of.

With upgradeable software and many projects that can be downloaded from the website, they offer convenience for those with a little bit of computer knowledge. Admittedly, the computerized Husqvarna sewing machines are a little technical for those that aren’t familiar with basic computerized interactive screens. You don’t need to get the most sophisticated models because there are several product lines to choose from, including those that are perfect for everyday sewing projects and those of basic knowledge.

There are some people that will tell you the Husqvarna sewing machines aren’t for the budget-minded because these high-quality machines can cost $3000 for certain models when new. You might be able to find promotional specials that offer several hundred dollars in rebates and software upgrades or trade-ins can help you save more money. The basic models will cost you less and they still feature automated functions you really need.

Many commercial seamstresses can tell you how easy it is to design and create your own professional-grade embroidery and lace with Husqvarna sewing machines, but there are some more affordable models that are designed for the occasional seamstress that just likes to sew occasionally. That doesn’t mean that quilters might not love the Mega Quilter, which is capable of stitching 1600 stitches per minute, on the fastest speed, however. Just imagine how quickly and easily you can start producing family heirloom quilts with a sewing machine that is specifically built for the purpose!

If you are from the “old-school”, there is no need to be intimidated because some models of Husqvarna sewing machines aren’t that difficult to figure out. While they might appear to be more futuristic than some seamstresses feel comfortable with, there are some that have the basic features, with many automated functions that cheaper machines don’t include. This can actually make it easier to complete your sewing or embroidery projects and you might have more fun and be more inspired than you ever imagined. With the easy to follow directions and automated features, you will love all the convenience that is packed into Husqvarna sewing machines! Husqvarna sewing machines

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