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What are Grizzly Tools?

Grizzly Tools - Drill PressGrizzly Tools is a company that has been in business for many years and has a variety of different categories. There is the industrial side of this company, which provides the highest quality tools, both powered as well as hand tools, to companies and small businesses. This would include wholesale prices, large ticket items such as diesel generators and large tool chests. Industrial sized air compressors for full shops can also be purchased.

Grizzly tools are more for the DIY person; one-person businesses like handy people and include many different table saws, garage hand and power tools, as well as lower output air compressors and generators. There is also the Grizzly Outlet Store, which sells hard to find or discontinued items that are brand new but at rock bottom prices.

Grizzly Industrial started in 1983 when Shiraz Balolia wanted to provide an alternative to people looking for stationary tools used both in metal as well as woodworking. Stationary drills, band saws and miter saws are just a few examples. Their idea was simple: provide the lowest cost equipment to any one who needed them. In order to offer the best prices, they buy in mass quantities directly from their suppliers and sell directly to the end user. Instead of having a bunch of affiliates that jack up prices, they have eliminated the middleman. They have very few actual showrooms, with their biggest sales over the Internet. No matter who you are or where you live you can have a Grizzly Tools product in your hobby shop or place of business. This success has caused this company to grow by leaps and bounds, with three distribution centers across the country, combined equaling more than a million square feet of storage and show room capacity. They also employ more than 350 workers over the country and have their headquarters in Bellingham, Washington. The company also has offices in China as well as Taiwan.

So if you are looking for the best power woodworking and metal working equipment for the lowest prices, this is the company to buy from. They have a reputation for having the lowest prices, the best selection, as well as some of the best customer services. You can easily find them online, where you can see every product they sell. You can buy a single piece, or if you are a larger company you can get discount prices on bulk orders. If you are interested in visiting one of their showrooms in person, they are located in Washington, Pennsylvania and Missouri.

You can see their complete catalog online or one can be sent directly to your door. Their website offers owner’s manuals that can be downloaded, as well as features like a work shop planning guide, which can help you step-by-step to building and having your dream shop.

With numerous awards awarded to their equipment for value as well as quality it isn’t hard to see why Grizzly Tools is a household name in the metal and wood working industry. They also have a fully stocked parts department, with more that 200.000 pieces in their inventory. They also have the best manuals and have been featured in several magazines.


Different Types of Grizzly Tools

Grizzly Tools are considered some of the best tools and equipment on the market if you are steel or wood working hobbyist or professional. They have been in the business for around 20 years, and their motto is to provide the average person the best tools at the lowest prices. In order to do this, they buy in bulk from manufacturers, and then sell them directly to individuals and businesses, eliminating the middleman, saving the average Joe and Jane a lot of money. They are headquartered in Washington State, have three large showrooms across the country and are recognized worldwide.

Grizzly Tools have been successful because the sell high quality tools for the lowest prices, as well as a commitment to costumer services. All of their tools are easy to set up, as well as run, and each and every product comes with a factory as well as a company warranty. You can also get a piece of equipment or power tool for just about any application, from table saws, routers, and jointer, just to name a few. In fact, one of the best tools is the jointer, because it features adjustable parts, to take on any job you may have, giving your perfect corners, edges, and perfectly fitting pieces.

Another popular piece is the table saw by Grizzly Tools. It has a cast iron top, extension wings and delivers the best performance in the industry. The saw itself if easy to align, the finish is great and if you do ever have problem, the people working in the customer service department are fast, friendly and knowledgeable.

While Grizzly tools are mainly for indoor use, they can be used outdoors as well, for people who need to use them on job sites. If you are in the market for high quality tools at the lowest prices, then Grizzly is the choice for you. They have a wide variety of tools and equipment to choose from and here are just some of their most popular items.

One of their products is the portable planer. These are tools that are used to plane wood to the desired thickness for your particular project. With its double-sided blade, it can effectively cut just about any sized plank in no time at all and can be used for hobby projects as well as in industrial applications. One thing to note is that these tools tend to be very loud, so it is recommended that you wear some kind of ear protection while in use.

Grizzly Tools also sell three kinds of sanders, disk sanders, orbital sanders and belt sanders. All three of these are used to smooth out rough edges on a variety of woodworking projects, and operate in different ways. The disk sander spins at a high RPM, with a sanding disk. The belt sander works similarly, using a continuous belt to sand down large pieces. These are relatively heavy and need a strong grip. The orbital sander uses a vibrating motor to move the sand paper. These powerful sanders are also compact in size, making them perfect for working in tight spaces.


Finding Great Deals on Grizzly Tools

Grizzly Tools - SanderGrizzly Tools are some of the best tools in the woodworking industry. They have been in business since the early 80’s and are available worldwide. Because these tools are so good, many who have bought them hang onto them as long as possible, but there are still ways to get them at great deals. If you don’t have a retailer in your area, you can still find great bargains online.

The first places to go are discount websites. These include places like Amazon, and eBay. Amazon has always been known for their good prices, and this also includes power tools like Grizzly Tools. You can find a variety of different listings, from table saws, band saws and drill presses, to a number of different portable power and hand tools made by this company. In addition to offering low prices, many of these also qualify for free shipping, which is a plus since some of these products are pretty heavy to ship. Another good thing about this website is they have reviews from real customers who have already purchased these products, so you get a pretty good idea how well they perform.

Ebay is an online auction house, and you can find Grizzly Tools here as well. There are options on how to purchase, you can either bid on the particular product you are looking for, or buy them outright. You do have to deal with shipping charges, as well as working with the persons selling these items.

There are many different sites that offer refurbished Grizzly Tools as well. Refurbished tools have been thoroughly inspected
and maintained. They have all new working internal parts, and in many cases are still under warranty. You can also find these tools from discount outlets. Here they are either overstocked items, or ones that have been discontinued for one reason or another. They are still in perfectly good condition, even brand new, but are sold at the best prices.

Another outlet to consider is estate sales, garage sales and even going out of business sales. These are gently used items that have been used well. Some people may be selling them because their business went under, or they are moving, or any number of other reasons. You have to really check the items carefully, and make sure they are still in good working condition.

Grizzly Tools also has their own website, offering a variety of different sales all the time. There are E coupons you can use, and it seems that there is something different all the time that is offered at a lower price. It is just a matter of looking around, picking the right times, and you can find a tool that is quite affordable.

Grizzly Tools has built a reputation of offering the best tools at affordable prices. They have an excellent track record for the highest quality and their customer services are quite exceptional. All of their high quality tools come with some kind of warranty, from their large industrial models to their smallest hand tools. You can shop around, but you will come back to Grizzly Tools for all of your woodworking needs.

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