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The Passion Behind Grant Steering Wheels

Grant Steering WheelsGrant Steering Wheels are manufactured on the basis that your steering wheel is a very personal part of your automobile, boat or prized Motorhome. If you think about it on a personal level, it is the part you have direct contact with and it controls your entire driving experience. Manufactured by Grant Products, Grant Steering Wheels were first introduced in 1962, with their first custom steering wheel for the automobile aftermarket, after the development of a specialty steering wheel for dune buggies in 1960.

Although the company was founded in 1922, specializing in engine mechanical parts, such as overhaul kits, piston rings and valve spring inserts, it wasn’t until 38 years later that they diversified into Grant Steering Wheels, with the personal and distinctive styling they became known for. As the company’s founder became more involved in the racing circuit, the performance engine parts manufactured by the company gained in popularity among the Indy and drag racing fans, including the popularity of their “Flamethrower” ignition.

Further diversification included Grant Safety Helmets, with the American flag style worn by Peter Fonda in “Easy Rider” becoming one of the most famous in the product line. It seemed product lines blossomed on their love for making any kind of driving experience more exciting. It was this passion that led to their diversity in the parts market, although their expansion into the other components of your riding experience is a perfect fit for the company and those that share their enthusiasm, regardless of whether it is a distinctive model of Grant Steering Wheels or their famous “Easy Rider” motorcycle safety helmet.

Grant Steering Wheels not only branched out to include distinctive automotive aftermarket steering wheels, but into the racing and marine industries, RVs and heavy-duty trucks, along with golf cars and utility vehicles. As the company has added modern factories, they have become a supplier of styling rings for air-bag equipped vehicles in the automotive original equipment market, while becoming an original equipment provider of Grant Steering Wheels to the marine industry, as well.

The distinctive styling of Grant Steering Wheels has become more diversified, too.

They have widely expanded their style offerings since the first custom wood steering wheel was designed and manufactured in 1965. Whether you are interested in their Classic Wood series, Mahogany Collector Edition or the ever-popular GT Sport Grant Steering Wheels, it’s possible you’re a fan and might not even realize it!

There are sporty and stylish models that are affordable enough for anybody, but the value they add to your driving experience might be immeasurable because they can put passion back into your driving experience. They are popular aftermarket parts because you’ll love the grip and feeling of control you get with your factory original vehicle, not to mention the power you can harness in your performance vintage car or the firm precision turning you can get with your speedboat! If you want to put passion back in your driving experience, custom Grant Steering Wheels are a popular way to do it and you will emerge exhilarated from the experience, even if you aren’t an Indy driver or a drag racer!


Customize Your Hot Rod, Street Car or Speed Boat with Grant Steering Wheels

From timeless classics to modern, cutting edge designs, Grant Steering Wheels can put more muscle definition in your muscle car or place your street rod or custom car project in the winner’s circle. When you need great handling or want to custom wrap, paint or remove the spokes from the rim of your Grant Steering Wheels, you can add the customization that offers the ultimate personalization, with modular spoke designed models.

You don’t need to sacrifice comfort because you can choose from foam-cushioned grips that are ergonomically-designed or enjoy the plush feel of fine-stitched leather, so whatever two and three spoke designs you love the most, you will find them available, in a number of styles and prices. In fact, Grant Steering Wheels aren’t only for the customized aftermarket in performance or classic hot rods because it’s possible to choose from ergonomic designs for those long-distance heavy duty truckers or choose an economical replacement steering wheel for your classic car that needs a more nostalgic look with modern handling and superb comfort, yet might need to fit into a reasonable budget.

It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for the perfect replacement steering wheel for your project “Hot Rod” or you just want to give your speedboat a personality of its own. You can choose from hundreds of Grant Steering Wheels that each have a unique personality and a customizable appearance, even if you choose chrome steering wheel designs that can be custom-painted.

Many drivers love the Grant Steering Wheels that are inspired by the retro classics of the hot-rod era, but they make them available for everything drivable, whether it’s your heavy-duty rig, your hot rod street racer project car or your high performance modern street racer muscle car. Boats and RV’s aren’t overlooked because you can add customization that projects something you feel your motoring beauty has been missing.

It doesn’t matter whether you want one of the Grant Steering Wheels that scream performance or one that gives you a sense of nostalgic pride, you can find exactly what you are looking for, because there are so many different choice. This means you have the perfect options available, whether you love the feel of Mahogany, Leather, Chain, Chrome or classic nostalgic designs like the GT sports models or the fancy Banjo Grant Steering Wheels that feature the customizable, modular, spoke design.

They say you can judge a car by the way you feel when you are driving it. With Grant Steering Wheels, you can affordably change the whole demeanor of your vehicle, boat, heavy-duty truck or RV, utility vehicle or golf cart. Because Grant Steering Wheels are popular performance aftermarket parts, they have become part of original equipment that can be found in select original equipment models of automobiles and boats, because they have expanded their operations to include these customer demands.

When you want to add uniqueness to your hot rod, muscle car, heavy-duty truck or speedboat, there are Grant Steering Wheels that offer exactly what you are looking for. They are a popular aftermarket part for those project cars that include vintage hot rods and classic show cars. For this reason, they have become popular for the retro vehicles that are part of today’s modern models, as well.


Some Of The Most Popular Grant Steering Wheels

Grant steering wheels in carThere isn’t much disputing the fact that Grant Steering Wheels are some of the most popular automotive aftermarket steering wheels, since they made their debut in 1962. While you might have a personal favorite, there are some of the Grant Steering Wheels that stand out, when it comes to popularity over the years. It doesn’t matter whether you see them on a street rod, a muscle car, a speedboat or a heavy duty rig, they add a personal customization that gives you a feeling of exhilaration, every time you get behind the wheel.

Who can forget the 1965 Grant Steering Wheels in the Wood Classics product line? They are available with modern spins, whether you choose the beautiful Mahogany or Walnut, Burlwood or custom styling rings that feature leather grips and metal spokes. Regardless of which classic wood style you select, they are a timeless model that has remained popular over the years since their original debut.

There are few of the Grant Steering Wheels that enjoy the overwhelming popularity of the Formula GT Sports Classics. Available in 12″, 13″, 14″ and 15″ diameters, the three silver, polished chrome or black aluminum spokes offer a classically sporty appearance. The larger sizes are popular for pickup trucks, but the smaller sizes are often found in hot rod project cars or classic vintage models of muscle cars. These are still popular models for many of today’s modern street rods or aftermarket enhancements.

The Chain is one of Grant Steering Wheels that some of the most radical street rods were known to display and there are still vintage classics that can be found with the heavy-chain-link rim in chrome. As one of the classic Grant Steering Wheels that still enjoy modern popularity, the Chain series of steering wheels might be considered for those that want intimidating looks and an interior that is radically customized.

Some of the most popular modern versions of Grant Steering Wheels have to be the ergonomically designed, foam-cushioned rim models because they fight driver fatigue, which can be important for RV drivers and those that drive the heavy duty trucks. That doesn’t mean that you can’t put it on your new car, but now that Grant is providing original equipment in the automotive market, it’s possible you already have an upgraded model made by this most popular performance parts manufacturer.

It’s hard to overlook the popularity of the high gloss vinyl grip, metal flake “Classic Cruisin” hot rod steering wheel, with the classic 3-spoke design in chrome. In the 1960’s, this was one of the Grant Steering Wheels that were a high demand aftermarket design, used in street rods or converted family sedans. It was also popular in dune buggies, as were the originals made by the company in 1960, before entering the automotive aftermarket.

Regardless of which popular Grant Steering Wheels might be your favorites, there are hundreds of sizes and styles to choose from. If these popular versions weren’t your favorite, there’s no need to feel slighted because there are many models that are equally loved for personalization and customization of any type of motorized vehicle. There just isn’t enough room to list the different Grant steering wheels here! Grant steering wheels

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