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Free People Clothing Line – Vintage, Young, Unique and Diverse

Free People Clothing LineFree People clothing line traces its roots back to a relatively unknown store that was set up in Philadelphia back in the decade of the 1970’s. The store was opened by one Dick Hayne, and its primary purpose was to provide clothing to the youngsters of the city. However, the line became so famous that it warranted an immediate opening of another store, renaming it Urban Outfitters.

The meteoric rise of a small store into a wholesale fashion brand did not stop here because it kept receiving more accolades and, more importantly, more customers. The wholesale Free People clothing line first showed up in 1984 under the guidance of Dick’s wife, Meg Hayne. Subsequently, in 2001, the brand decided to ditch its junior image as well and quickly started providing clothes for women in their 20s.

The Free People clothing line, as of now, has a strong hold on the hearts and minds of a lot of women all over the world because of its ability to provide a vintage theme in combination with modern day functionality. This means that while the classic designs and styles are reproduced by Free People clothing line, they are also modified and tweaked to make it easy for the wearer to lead her day-to-day life. The consistent rise in the popularity of the Free People clothing brand has resulted in there being no less than three wholesale showrooms located in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. In addition to this, Free People clothing line is also available in all the major departmental stores across the country.

In fact, if you are searching for the Free People clothing brand, then you do not even have to leave your home because you can find it online. This ease of access has also contributed to the staggering rise to fame of the Free People clothing line. The fact that you can find the Free People clothing brand online is a major boost for you, because it allows you to side step the high costs of buying Free People by utilizing the various discounts that are available online with many authorized dealers.

Nowadays, Free People clothing line takes into account its in house theory of having five main types of customers. As per Free People, its customers can be divided into ‘meadow’ i.e. the woman who likes bohemian; ‘candy’ i.e. the girly girl customer; ‘ginger’ i.e. the body-con customer; ‘Lou’ i.e. the tomboy customer; and the ‘sandy’ i.e. the girl of the beach.

Effectively, all new items in the clothing line of Free People can be categorized in one of these five categories created by Free People itself. Free People clothing line can be described in four different words namely vintage, young, unique and diverse because these four terms either alone or in combination can describe any piece ever created by the brand. Vintage, as is obvious, refers to inspiration from conventional designs and trends, young relates to the tone of the clothes created by the brand, unique means the extreme originality of Free People and diverse hints at the unbelievable amount of variety that this brand is famous for.


Typical Themes of the Free People Clothing Line

There is a reason why Free People clothing line is widely known and highly regarded amongst the consumers and the fashion industry. The brand has been in existence since the 1970s when its earlier avatar was unveiled by Dick Hayne through a humble store in the city of Philadelphia. Since that period, the Free People clothing brand has never looked back and only grown into the fashion behemoth that it is today. In fact, the Free People clothing line has come to signify a lot of things since its inception in the fashion world. The following are some typical traits of the Free People clothing brand.

1. Vintage

The theme for most of the products falling under the Free People clothing line is vintage. The vintage aspect of Free People clothing does not come at the cost of functionality, however, because the Free People clothing brand is designed for modern wear. Another reason why you might be interested in the Free People clothing brand is that the vintage theme has been making a comeback in the fashion world of late as a trend.

2. Young

The designing of the Free People clothing line is done with the youngsters in mind, and this has been the way Free People has done its work since the beginning. The earlier line of Free People was primarily based for juniors but around the time its wholesale line came up, it had graduated to youngsters i.e. people in their early twenties. Therefore, it can be said that the Free People clothing line is explicitly created for youngsters.

3. Unique

Innovation is also a major part of the Free People clothing line. This is something that is unavoidable for this brand because it aims to make the vintage theme available to the youngsters in a playful manner. Effectively, although this line draws elements from both contemporary wear and vintage designs, it ends up creating a whole new genre by itself.

4. Diverse

The Free People clothing line is also highly celebrated for the kind of variety and diversity that it offers to its customers. The Free People clothing brand’s range includes everything from a classy evening dress and everyday casual wear like tops. In terms of design, under the umbrella theme of vintage, the array of colors and styles that are available within the Free People clothing line is truly staggering.

5. Availability

Unlike most designer clothing lines, the Free People clothing line is available quite conveniently at most medium to large sized departmental stores as they are designed and created in a wholesale manner. In fact, you can even find the Free People clothing line online through either the designer’s directly owned website or through authorized dealers. The fact that there are so many options available to you means that you can easily compare all of them to come up with a purchase that is not only beautiful and to your taste but also financially viable for you.

The above points are the five main properties of the Free People clothing line, which is regarded as one of the most consumer friendly designer clothing line in the world.


Free People Clothing Line Offers Innovative and Unique Clothing

Free People Clothing - SweaterDifferent people at different times require different types of clothes. The reason for this is simply the fact that different situations and different locations demand different themes and looks. Regardless of what your specific need for clothing is like, there is a sure shot guarantee that you will find what you are looking for if you go through the Free People clothing line. Free People clothing, as you may well know, is a fashion line that has become very well known in the industry for being innovative and unique.

In the majority of cases, when a manufacturer or designing firm becomes famous it tends to become more and more focused on its primary quality and point of expertise. This focus will result in a diverse fashion line moving from providing multiple things to just focusing on one item. An example of this would be a fashion line that caters to footwear, clothing and perfumes, emphasizing more on clothing and gradually reducing the focus on footwear and perfumes once it becomes famous. With Free People clothing line the opposite happened and, in fact, created ripples in the fashion industry.

The Free People clothing concept began in the 1970s as nothing more than a simple store in the city of Philadelphia. However, owing to the quality and uniqueness of everything that it sold, the store quickly became famous and was renamed Urban Outfitters. The progress continued with this new brand and ended up in becoming a wholesale brand that is widely respected and sold in the majority of stores in the country. Subsequently, the wholesale line was returned to its original name that made it – Free People clothing line.

As is evident from the above-mentioned points, Free People clothing line has gone from simple to diverse owing to its popularity. Most importantly, the popularity of the Free People clothing brand has grown to such a stage that even Asian countries like India are now catered to buying it.

The primary customers attracted by Free People clothing line are usually in their early twenties or younger because of the slightly innovative nature of the brand. The look and feel of Free People clothing can be loosely described as vintage because its individual pieces tend to incorporate all the elements of bygone eras. Furthermore, as mentioned above, the diversity that this brand offers to its clients results in it being a one-stop shop for mixing and matching various items in extreme detail. Free People clothing line has focused on the younger generation since its inception as an individual store over 30 years ago.

The brand also uses the online media as a way to market itself and promote its products. This means that you can easily find Free People clothing line products online through either the Free People website directly or through authorized dealers of the famous brand. The rise in popularity of the brand has come to such a level that the moment you search for Free People clothing online you will face multiple options, which you can compare for the best purchase. Free People clothing

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