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Dirt Bike Videos – Safety, Benefits, & Buying Your Own Dirt Bike

This page discusses the use and benefits of dirt bike videos for safety, fun, and even buying your own dirt bike. Customer comments are also provided for various specific dirt bike videos.

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MSF Dirt Bike VideosAbout “the MSF Dirt Bike School” Videos …

I have over 25 years experience riding dirt bikes, but when it was time to teach my 10 year old I realized that I had never taught anyone. Rather than just having him jump on and ride, I used this DVD to help me put together the basics that I may take for granted that everyone knows; braking, steering, obstacles,etc. … I would recommend this dvd for the first time rider – young or old.

– D. Kramer –

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DVD clear and easy to follow, but perhaps a little simple. ie if you have already ventured out on the dirt then this DVD will be too basic for you.

– James –


The MSF Dirt Bike School Video

Editorial Reviews

If you want to live to ride, you have to learn to ride-the right way. Dirtbike School is based on the official Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course that has taught tens of thousands the basics of how to ride a dirt bike. Join Sal Masakela, host of the X Games, and a master instructor as they take you step-by-step into the world of two-wheeled, off-road freedom and show you everything you need to know-in a fun, music-driven, fast-paced style-to start your lifelong love affair of riding a dirt bike. As a special bonus, superstar riders including Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed, and Kevin Windham share their own experiences and special riding and safety tips. This is a comprehensive course that covers picking the right-sized bike, safety gear, starting your bike, shifting, and braking, right up to throttle control, turning, traversing hills, and the basics of trail riding. If you’re just starting out, this unique DVD is an absolute must! Track Listings: Introduction, Equipment You Must Have, Controls And Pre-Ride Inspection, Getting On and Off the Bike And Riding Posture, Starting the Bike, “The Friction Zone”, Proper Stance, Let’s Roll, Braking, Shifting, Standing Up, Lower Body Control, Turning, Counterbalancing, Ride Responsibly, Riding Management, Negotiating Hills, K-Turn, Traversing Hills, Riding Over , Obstacles, That’s A Wrap!


Dirt Bike Videos – Learn More About Dirt Bike Safety

If you’ve been watching dirt bike videos and considering getting into some racing yourself, there is a lot to consider. Maybe you love dirt biking, but before you decide that you want to race, you need to realize that you just cannot escape dirt bike crashes when you are racing or trying to do those cool tricks you see in videos. You’ll actually find that most bikers have ended up in some kind of a crash at some point in time. When you get involved in this hobby, there is a big chance that you will crash and you probably will end up hurt too. You need to realize that some bikers have ended up with serious injuries, although most injuries are not too serious.

No, this isn’t supposed to scare you away from dirt bikes, but you do need to realize that you have to take preventive measures and work to be as safe as possible when you’re riding dirt bikes. Sure, it looks easy on those dirt bike videos, but you need to learn about safety and make sure you use proper safety measures all the time.

One of the first things you need to do for safety on dirt bikes is to ensure that you have the right protective gear. Headgear is the most important thing to consider when purchasing protective gear. You should never go out dirt biking without having on the right headgear. Look at those dirt bike videos and you’ll see that the professionals always have the right headgear on before they start biking. Even if you have a crash, the headgear will help to keep your head protected and can save you from serious head injuries.

You also need to consider wearing other protective gear when you start riding dirt bikes. It’s a good idea to have good boots, tough jerseys and pants, and some good safety gloves. Safety glasses are a good addition to your gear, since they help to keep things from flying in your eyes while you are riding. Gloves should fit tightly and should have tough leather palms. You can even find chest guards that will help to protect your ribs and chest in case you get involved in an accident.

A variety of jerseys are available today that have forearm guards and elbow pads in them. Kidney belts are a great method of protection, since they protect the kidneys in case you crash. Shin guards and knee pads are also great options on your pants. Take a look at good dirt bike videos and check out the pros. Look at what they are wearing too. They’ll be wearing great safety gear, so consider patterning your gear after what the pros are wearing.

There are some other safety tips that you can follow to stay safe while you are dirt biking. First, it’s best to avoid going out alone. If you have a crash alone, you may not get the help that you need. It’s important to have some water with you as well, especially if you are going biking in warm temperatures. Don’t end up with serious injuries, which you have probably seen in some dirt bike videos. Make safety your top concern and make sure you enjoy this hobby safely.


Benefits of Watching Dirt Bike Videos

All you have to do is log on the Internet and you can easily find many dirt bike videos. Whether you’re new to the world of dirt biking or you’re been biking for some time, you’ll find that these videos have a lot to offer you. Sure, they are a lot of fun to watch, but they have even more to offer than fun and humor. Here is a look at just a few of the benefits that you can enjoy by simply watching these videos of other dirt bikers.

Benefit #1 – See the Pros Do the Tricks

One big benefit of watching dirt bike videos is that these videos make it possible for you to see the pros do the tricks. There are a lot of great tricks out there and you probably haven’t seen them all. This allows you to check out some great tricks and watch them be performed by professionals. Not only is it great fun to see these exciting tricks, but you’ll learn a lot about dirt biking as well.

Benefit #2 – Watch Tricks Before You Try Them

Another of the benefits of watching these dirt bike videos is that it allows you to watch tricks before you try them. You may be interested in trying out a new trick. Maybe you’ve even read about how to do it. However, seeing it done is even more helpful. You can see how the pros do the trick, which will help you know how to do the trick right yourself. Spend some time watching before you try new tricks and you’ll be more likely to get those tricks down fast.

Benefit #3 – Find Great Step-by-Step Dirt Bike Video Guides

You’ll also find that you can find some step by step video guides on the Internet as well. This is especially helpful for those who are just getting started on their dirt bikes. You can check out dirt bike videos that offer beginner guides to get you started. Not only can you find videos of pros doing great tricks, but many offer step by step videos that show you how to do the trick, showing every step. These video guides can definitely help you to learn faster and advance your riding techniques.

Benefit #4 – Learn About Problems to Avoid

Last, you’ll be able to learn about problems to avoid on dirt bikes by checking out these dirt bike videos as well. More than likely, you’ve seen some of those videos that show bloopers by dirt bikers. While they are funny to watch, they can help you learn too. Watch to see what these bikers do wrong to cause the problems. When you see the mistakes that others make, then you can avoid making the same mistake yourself when you are out riding on your own dirt bike.

As you can see, watching dirt bike videos is a great idea. They’ll offer a variety of great benefits that go far beyond entertainment. Start looking for some videos online today and enjoy all these benefits and more.


Dirt Bike Videos – Go Beyond the Videos and Buy Your Own Bike

If you’ve been enjoying watching some dirt bike videos, maybe it’s time to get beyond those videos. After all, it’s exciting to see all the fun they have on dirt bikes, but it’s even more fun to ride one yourself. Of course, with all the many bikes available to choose from, it’s not always easy to make your choice. You need to keep a variety of factors in mind while you are making your choice. Don’t make a fast decision and go with the first bike you’ve seen in the videos you watch. Spend some time researching your options and choose one that will work best for your skill level.

Keep Your Experience Level in Mind

When you watch those dirt bike videos, you see guys pulling off amazing tricks. While you may be tempted to buy one of the high powered options they are riding in those videos, it’s not a good idea if you are beginner. Those who have no riding experience are better off to go with lower power options. If you start out with too much power it’s easy to have problems. The more powerful bikes are also a lot heavier, which means they are more difficult to control. Realize that you don’t have the experience of professionals in videos and make sure you choose a bike that will be good for your current experience level. You can always upgrade to a more powerful option in the future.

Racing vs. Recreation

Another thing to consider as you are choosing a bike to purchase is whether you’ll be using it for racing or recreation. This will have a bit impact on the type of bike you go with. The guys you see in some of the great dirt bike videos are racing their dirt bikes. However, if you’re not going to be racing, you won’t need the types of bikes they are usually using. If you simply want to ride as a hobby, purchase a bike that will work well with the area you plan on riding, such as a bike track or on trails. If you do want to race, then you’ll want to go with a bike that is designed for racing.

Look at Various Models

You’ll find that dirt bikes are made by a variety of different companies. Look at a variety of different manufacturers and models as you are making your decision. Don’t just instantly pick out a bike you have seen in some hot dirt bike videos. Take some time to check out the companies behind the bike, investigating their durability, reliability, and their performance. After you have decided on a good manufacturer, then you can consider the specific model that you want.

Throttle Junkies Dirt Bike VideosConsider Your Budget

Last, you do have to keep your budget in mind as you are choosing your dirt bike. Sure, those big racing bikes may look great in the dirt bike videos. However, once you check out the price tag, you may realize that you can’t afford something that expensive. Decide how much you can spend and then purchase the best possible bike for the money you have available.


About “Throttle Junkies” …

It’s kinda old school, but good. I got a kick out of seeing all the 2-strokes and chrome-moly frames haha. Good music from bands I’ve actually heard of.

– Yon –


About “Dirt Wise: World Enduro Instructional Skills” …

Dirt Wise Dirt Bike VideosThis is an excellent video for all off road riders, especially beginners wanting to know the finer points of bike control. I continue to watch it and work on each point, “bike control and posture”. A great investment for those wanting to know how to handle their bike.

– L. Papadimitrious –

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