Dermatend Instructions & Ingredients

Dermatend Instructions

This page reproduces the Dermatend instructions provided with any Dermatend cream order. You can also download a jpg  file of the actual Dermatend instructions sheet here.

Dermatend InstructionsClick here to read the Dermatend Ingredients, precautions, etc.

The Dermatend instructions provided with the cream does not include directions for treating skin tags specifically. However, since treating a skin tag is why I bought Dermatend, you can find my suggestions for best results with skin tags here: Dermatend instructions for skin tags.

Dermatend Instructions For Blemish Removal (mole, warts, skin tag):

Step 1: Scratch or rub the ENTIRE blemish with emery board and/or toothpick provided. Be sure to avoid scratching the surrounding skin. Scratching should be hard enough to allow Dermatend to penetrate the blemish yet not so hard that it bleeds. Scratching is the most important part!

Step 2: Clean blemish with wash cloth, soap and hot water. (Hot water opens pores to allow deeper penetration)

Step 3: Dry area with towel. Any remaining water may prevent Dermatend from fully penetrating.

Removing Blemish (Mole, Wart, Skin Tag) With Dermatend:

Step 4: Gently massage Dermatend Tube before opening. If the tube feels too tight, unscrew cap, remove entire silver protective seal, push out some air, recap and continue to massage.

Step 5: Apply Dermatend to the entire surface of the blemish using your fingertip. Use only enough Dermatend to cover affected area; a little goes a long way. Avoid getting Dermatend on surrounding skin. (You may apply our Quick Healing Balm or Vaseline to surrounding skin as an extra precaution).

Step 6: Keep Dermatend on blemish for 20 – 30 minutes. There should be a moderate stinging sensation lasting 5 – 10 minutes. Swelling and redness around mole is normal. (If stinging sensation is not felt, Dermatend has not penetrated properly and the application will be less effective. We recommend re-scratching blemish and reapplying Dermatend.)

Step 7: Gently wash off Dermatend.

After 1st Application:

A scab should form within 24 hours. Be careful not to remove scab prematurely! You can wash and bathe normally. We recommend applying our Quick Healing Balm to help scab heal faster!

If the blemish has NOT formed a scab:

Repeat steps 1 – 7 every 24 hours. Continue until the blemish forms a scab.

If the blemish HAS turned into a scab:

Once the blemish has scabbed, stop applying Dermatend. We highly recommend using our healing balm and carefully applying it to the scabbed blemish and surround skin several times daily.

Wait for scab to fall off naturally. Be Patient! Under no circumstances should you pick at or remove the scab. It should loosen and fall off naturally.

Once scab has fallen off, the area will still be healing and should be pink or red. You should continue to liberally apply the healing balm to allow optimal healing.


Certain types of Warts/Moles/Skin Tags are very hard and stubborn. Be patient and give Dermatend time to fully absorb. Know that the process can take 3 to 6 weeks with very stubborn cases. Don’t increase the amount you put on a stubborn blemish. Always use just enough to cover the mole, wart, or skin tag.

Dermatend ingredientsRedness and inflammation at the base of the growth is a normal part of the healing process and will fade quickly. After the scab falls off you may have pink or red pigmented tissue where the scab fell off. This should fade within 30 days as the new skin normalizes. Some people may require a longer time period for skin tones to return to normal.

Dermatend should be a thick, gritty, brown paste. It does not absorb into the blemish; rather it coats it. If you notice your Dermatend is watery, squeeze out the air in the tube, recap, and gently massage to mix the ingredients.

We highly recommend using our Quick Healing Balm as an extra precaution to prevent any chance of infection and also reduce any risk of scarring and promote faster healing.

Dermatend Instructions Extra Notes

In my own personal use of Dermatend for skin tags, I came up with some important points that are not summarized in the formal Dermatend instructions provided above; be sure to read them before using Dermatend for yourself.   Dermatend Instructions

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