Dermatend Cream For Skin Tags Removal At Home

Dermatend Cream For Skin Tags Removal At Home

Want a simple, painless solution for skin tags removal at home? Consider Dermatend cream?

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Dermatend Cream for skin tags removal at homeIf you are looking for a simple, painless way to quickly remove embarrassing skin tags or moles, read this before you buy Dermatend. On this webpage, you will discover what Dermatend cream does, how to use it, a few tricks that may get you faster results, pictures of Dermatend in action, customer comments and complaints, and recommendations based on my own personal use of Dermatend cream.

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What Dermatend Cream Is Supposed To Do

There are two versions of Dermatend cream available for mole and skin tags removal at home. They both remove moles and skin tags; the only difference is how fast each Dermatend cream works. Personally, I have only use the less expensive, weaker version for removing a skin tag, and it worked; the skin tag fell off in 11 days.

But I learned something in the process which I believe will help you get faster results whether you use the regular-strength Dermatend cream or the faster-working extra-strength version. Plus, I will provide some customer comments from other who have used Dermatend cream for removing moles. If you are hoping to use Dermatend for skin tags removal at home, be sure to keep reading, because the Dermatend cream package includes instructions for mole removal, but they do no include Dermatend instructions for skin tags removal.

How To Apply Dermatend Cream

Derrmatend cream - thin and brownDermatend removes skin tags and moles using a chemical process; I think it’s basically a “drying agent”. You are supposed to scratch the area you want removed with an emery board (which is included with your Dermatend cream order), and then you simply coat the skin tags or moles with the really thin chocolate-colored Dermatend cream.

You aren’t supposed to scratch it enough to make it bleed; you just scuff it up a bit. So, this part of the process doesn’t hurt. The Dermatend instructions say it will sting a bit … for 5 or 10 minutes … when you first apply the Dermatend cream, but I didn’t feel a thing on my skin tag.

When you scratch the area you want to remove, be sure to scratch the entire area you want removed and not the surrounding area. I found it tricky to fully scratch my skin tag, because it kept moving around. I had to hold it away from my body to scratch it so I didn’t scratch the surrounding skin as well. I imagine a mole is easier to scratch just because it will sit still.

On trick I thought of after I finished scratching my skin tag was to cut a small hole in a band aid (the stick part, not the gauze part), and stick it to your body with the skin tag sticking out through the hole; or you could just put a few pieces of first aid tape around the base of the skin tag or mole. Then you can just drag the emery board across the skin tag on all sides without scratching your other skin.

Skin tag untouchedThe Dermatend instructions recommend putting Vaseline or the Dermatend Healing Balm around the area you want removed to help prevent getting the Dermatend cream on the surrounding skin. I used Vaseline since I didn’t get the healing balm, but if you use the band aid trick, the band aid will keep the Dermatend cream off surrounding skin even better. So, leave the band aid or tape on until you wash the Dermatend cream off.

Applying the Dermatend cream is a bit tricky for a skin tag too … although I think it would be easier as well if you use the band aid trick. The Dermatend instructions say you should thoroughly knead the tube to mix the cream up into a consistent thickness. I did this, but the Dermatend cream was still very thin and runny; it’s not really like a cream per se’. It’s more like the consistency of vinegar, so don’t squeeze the tube hard … or while pointing it downward. 😉

Once you get the cream thoroughly mixed, apply it all over the skin tag or mole. Now, here’s the trick … For skin tags, it seems the secret is to dry up and choke off the neck of the skin tag (i.e., the thin part next to your body through which the bulb part of the tag is nourished. When that part closed off for my skin tag, the bulb turned black and fell off within a day.

So if you make sure you thoroughly scratch all the way around the neck and then apply the Dermatend cream all around the neck, I think the band aid trick makes this easier, since you don’t have to worry so much about the surrounding skin. Because the Dermatend cream is so thin, I never was able to get the cream applied “thick” enough to actually turn the entire bulb brown, but that didn’t seem to matter; it still worked.

How The Dermatend Cream Worked For My Skin Tags Removal At Home

Skin tag treatedAs explained above, Dermatend did work for my skin tag, and lots of other people claim it works well for moles (as you can see by the customer comments provided below). It took 11 days for the skin tag to fall off and about 7 more days for the surrounding skin to go from pink to normal color again. If you want, you can see my “Before and After” skin tags pictures along with the day-by-day pictures here.

Dermatend Cream Recommendations

If you want to remove one or more skin tags and/or moles, I would recommend Dermatend cream. I’ve seen a lot of poor reviews and customer complaints for some of the less-expensive competitor products. Don’t waste your money; Dermatend cream works.

If I were buying Dermatend all over again, I would get the extra-strength Dermatend cream for faster results. I don’t think you really need the healing balm (Vaseline seems to work well enough), but if you get the extra-strength Dermatend, you get the healing balm for free.

I would definitely use the band aid technique (or use first aid tape). After scratching the mole or skin tag, you might want to put Vaseline on the taped area just for added protection, but be sure you don’t get any Vaseline on the area you want removed since it blocks the Dermatend cream.

Regardless of how well you protect the area around the removal area, you can expect a pink or reddish halo to develop around the mole or skin tag. For this reason, I would not recommend using Dermatend with a half inch (or maybe even an inch) from your eyes.

How To Get Dermatend Cream

Dermatend is not available in stores; you have to buy it online. You can click here to learn more and to buy Dermatend cream now. On the order form, you might be able to
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If this coupon code doesn’t work for you, you might find a code in the margin of this web page, or you can use this Google Search block in the top-right corner of this page. You can also buy regular-strength Dermatend cream or the extra-strength Dermatend cream through Amazon, but I found it actually costs less to buy it directly from Dermatend (especially if you have a coupon code).

Skin Tags Video

Here is a video by a Dermatologist explaining skin tags and how they are removed by a Doctor:

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Dermatend Cream Customer Comments & Complaints

I give it 5 stars just for the simple fact that it does what it claims. If you use this as directed, you’ll be very surprised.

– Alicia –

I have some skin tags on my neck and some small moles on my face that have been popping up periodically over the years.They came from sun damage and aging.
… I first heard about Dermatend and other similar products from doctors years ago. A doctor I worked for applied it to a mole on my face. It worked – it fell off in 4-5 days and it’s never come back …

– M. Pippin –

There is some very minor scarring that looks like it will heal but my skin is perfectly smooth and I’m sure it’s far less of a scar than there would have been from surgery. Bottom line is that this stuff is amazing!!!

– NYreader –

Just follow the directions and you won’t go wrong. … I would definitely recommend this to others.

– zpyeager –

I requested a refund, and the supplier I had purchased it from was very helpful and promptly provided me with a refund.

– julz –

Disclaimer:  Though I have a PhD degree, I am not a medical doctor. You should not construe the contents of this web page as a medical opinion or recommendation for your specific case or situation. This web page only relates my success and experience in using this product. Dermatend cream worked for me and many others, and I expect it will work for most people when used properly. Dermatend cream is a chemical, and I believe it should not be used around your eyes or internally. I also believe the use of Dermatend in or on joint areas may be uncomfortable until fully healed. WARNING: If you have a mole that has recently darkened significantly or or turned black in color, you should consult your medical doctor immediately. The video below will help you identify moles that may be cancerous.

VIDEO: Find Out How To Identify Moles That May Be Cancerous   Dermatend Cream For Skin Tags Removal At Home

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