Car Racing Games For Boys

Car Racing Games For Boys – Customer Comments & Complaints


Car Racing Games for Boys – 3 Popular Games to Consider

If you’re looking for car racing games for boys, you may not want to go with games that are too difficult in the beginning. Sure, “Gran Turismo” is a popular game with the hardcore fans of racing, but all the controls can be difficult for younger kids or those who are new to racing games. The good news is that there are a variety of other great games that allow kids to enjoy racing. Here is a look at a few of the popular games to consider if you’re going to purchase car racing games for boys.

Car racing games for boys - Burnout RevengeBurnout Revenge

One of the car racing games for boys that you should consider is “Burnout Revenge.” This is a game that is designed for the Xbox and it is a great game for your sons and your daughters. You’ll find that the racing engine on the game is not difficult to deal with, even though the game is still fast paced. On the tracks, you’ll go through highways and towns and you can rear end and check other cars that are out there racing with you. This game also comes with special challenges that allow you to help crash other cars. If your son enjoys having parties, this is a great game to play at a party, since it offers multiple player settings.

Burnout Revenge:  Average Customer Reviews:  4.5 stars

Comment:   Most racing games have you trying to dodge crashes and hitting your opponents. In Burnout Revenge, your entire goal is to create as much mayhem as possible. The graphics are really quite amazing. … There are a number of game types. There are races where you bash as you go. There are crash situations where you launch yourself into traffic and see how much destruction you can make. Other cars on the highway are fair game; bash them and watch them fly. Boost yourself to faster speeds. … The music is reaosnably good, a collection of fast-paced modern music.   -L. Shea –

Complaint:  If I had any complaints about this game, it would be the “look back” the game does every time you slay an enemy.  – L. Shea –


Mario Kart

Car racing games for boys - Mario KartAnother of the games to consider if you’re looking for good car racing games for boys is “Mario Kart“. This is a great game for more than boys – all kids are sure to enjoy this one. The great thing about the game is that the learning curve is easy and new players can quickly learn how to play within just a couple races. You can use Gamecube or Wii remotes if you install the Nintendo Wii installation. This makes this game even more exciting. It is possible to purchase a steering wheel attachment as well, which allows you to really feel like you’re driving the vehicle as you are racing.

Mario Kart:  Average Customer Review:  4.5 stars

Comment:  I have never owned a Mario Kart before so can’t compare to the other versions but this one for the Wii is a fun game. I was worried before I bought that the Wii wheel would not work very well. I was way wrong, I think it works very well.  The tracks and game play are a lot of fun for someone of any age. The game is easy to learn for beginners and is fun for the more experienced gammer. If you are looking for a game that is fun for the family, especailly the kids, I would pick this one up. Its easy to learn and a lot of fun to play.- G. Ware –

Complaint:  As with the offerings of most developers these days, the game is designed such that over half the playable content is locked, and you have to spend hours or days of your time unlocking it all to actually be able to play it. The concept in itself isn’t really that terrible, and if implemented intelligently can add hours or days of fun and enjoyable gameplay.  -J. Crowley –

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing

Car racing games for boys - Sonic Sega All Stars RacingYou’ll find that “Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing” is a game that has a whole lot in common with the “Mario Kart” game. It’s another of the top car racing games for boys that you may want to consider purchasing. It incorporates settings and characters from the franchises of both Sega and Sonic. You’ll find that it offers power ups and special weapons that can be used as you are racing as well.

Four players can play at one time, which makes it a wonderful choice if you have several kids who enjoy playing these games. Every character in the game has their own vehicles and their own abilities. You can race with more than just cars in this game as well. You can race with motorcycles, a banana mobile, and airplanes too. This is a game that you can find for Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360.

Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing:  Average Customer Review:  4.5 stars

Comment:  I’ve purchased some other racing games like Speed Racer, Excitebots and Sims Racing. All these games are pretty good but they do not compete with my favorite Mario Kart. That is until now with Sonic & Sega All Star Racing.  In Sonic it is all about the drift. When you curve around a corner you have to drift. In doing this you get a turbo boost that moves you ahead. You also pick up weapons to use against your opponents like Mario.   – HD Eyes –

Complaints:  Now, what I don’t like about this game is that you can’t destroy your fellow racers like you can on Mario. You really can’t crash into them and knock them off the road. You can use your weapons but that is about it.


Newer Car Racing Games for Boys of All Ages

Within the world of video games, you’ll find that racing games are a popular option. A variety of different games can be found if you’re looking for good car racing games for boys as well. Take a look at the available games today and you’ll quickly find that some are more specifically designed for kids, while others are targeted towards adults. If you have kids, you’ll want to go with games that work well for kids. However, if you enjoy playing as well, why not look for some of the newer racing games that cater to people of all different ages.

Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 Racing Games

Car racing games for boys - Speed RacerIf you look at the racing titles for Xbox 360 and Play Station 3, you’ll find that they are designed to cater to adults. However, some of them are still great car racing games for boys that are younger too. One of the best options is called
Speed Racer: The Video Game.” This game lets kids control their own Mach 5 to see how they do. Another of the great games that is great for kids is known as “Cars.” This game has all the great characters from the movie and it offers controls that are easy for kids to use.

Speed Racer Game:  Average Customer Reviews:  4.5 stars

Comment:  I’m not a fan of the Speed Racer movie, or the old cartoon series, so this review is based on a Wii racing game. I have been looking forward to this game for quite a while based on the idea of a stunt racing game and screen shots of the various tracks, and it certainly lived up to my expectations. You play as characters from the movie. There is dialog from the characters while playing, which adds a new dimension to the game. Easy to understand, and play right out of the box. It does take some time to learn the “car-fu” moves, and gain more skill, plus you have fun while doing it.Great stunt racing game!! Not too difficult, but challenging enough to keep me playing. Very addictive and different from most racing games on the market.- S. Buckland –

Complaint:  You DO NOT get any projectiles, but you get many different ways to smash a car. They call it “Car-Fu” I know it sounds corny, but once you start crashing cars its fun.

Wii Car Racing Games

Car racing games for boys - Excite TruckWhile the games for PS3 and Xbox 360 are great, you’ll find that the Wii happens to cater more to the kids than some of the other top console systems out there. You can find a variety of great Wii friendly car racing games for boys to try. Mario Kart on the Wii is an excellent choice, especially since it has a fun steering wheel attachment to use. With Mario Kart, you can compete with people around the world because it offers online capabilities as well. Another of the great games that is great for kids is Excite Truck. It has a control scheme that is very simple. Simply tilt the controllers for Wii and the car is going to respond.

Other Top Games to Try

Car racing games for boys - Smart Cycle Physical LearningOf course, these are not the only great car racing games for boys that are available today. Even if you don’t have any of the popular console systems, you can still find games for your kids that they will enjoy. Fisher Price offers The Smart Cycle Physical Learning Arcade System and you can simply hook it up to the TV with an audio video cable. It offers a stationary bike that can be hooked up to the television so your kids can race onscreen while still learning. This is an entertaining game that actually gets your kids moving as well, which makes it a great option.

You’ll also find that there are car racing games for boys available for computers. Check out some of the computer games that allow kids to race. You may even be able to find some of these games for free online, providing your kids with some free fun that they’ll enjoy.

Smart Cycle:  Average Customer Reviews:  4 stars

Comment:  The pros would be it keeps him active during the cold weather days and he’s learning while playing. It’s attractive and fun and keeps his attention where flash cards couldn’t!  – Cool Mom –

The bike itself is durable and strong. There is little resistance in the peddles so it’s almost impossible to peddle it very fast.  – Jason –

Complaint:  Runs on 4-D size batteries when it really should be plugged into the wall.  – Jason –

The History of Car Racing Games for Boys and More

Car racing games for boys are extremely popular and it is often the racing games that get people into video games in the first place. Since the game Pole Position was seen back in the 80s in arcades, many people have enjoyed a great race. Today you can have even more exciting experiences when racing in virtual vehicles. This genre of video games is definitely a popular one and here is a look at the history and other important information you should know about this genre of games.

The History

If you look back at some of the racing games, it is Gran Trak 10 that is touted as the first car racing game. Atari was the company behind this game. The game gave an overhead view of the track you were racing. You only had a steering wheel and you were competing against the clock in the game. Another of the first car racing games for boys was Pole Position. This took a whole new look at racing; offer you a perspective of the race track from behind the car. It was released in 1983 to the arcades and soon it was developed for home use too. It became very popular and definitely paved the way for many other racing games.

Types of Racing Games

As you’re looking into car racing games for boys, you’ll quickly find that there are several different types of racing games available. The first option offers an arcade style view of racing, like Pole Position offers. It gets rid of simulations that are realistic but provides a driving experience that is easy. Some of the most popular options that fall into this type of game include Cruisin USA, Mario Kart, and Ridge Racer.

Car racing games for boys - Grand Theft AutoAnother type of games is the simulation style games. These games try to model the racing methods, cars, and tracks after real world examples. An example of this type of game is Gran Turismo. However, there are other games that use this playing style, such as Forza Motorsport and NASCAR games.

Last, some games look at racing from other objectives. Instead of directly focusing on racing, they may focus on escaping, crimes, and more. Some examples of these types of games include Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, and Crazi Taxi.

Features Available

Car racing games for boys - Wii BundleRacing game controls are going to depend on the platform that the game is played on. Usually there are foot pedals and steering wheels in arcade games, although they can often be purchase for your home console. However, they are expensive, so most don’t go with these peripherals. Hand held controllers, sticks, buttons, or directional pads are usually used instead of actual steering wheels or pedals within the racing games for boys. The gap has been bridged by Nintendo Wii, which offers motion sensors that allow you to use the controller like it is a free standing steering wheel and these controls are used with games like Need for Speed Carbon and Mario Kart Wii.

Nintendo Wii:  Average Customer Reviews:  4.5 stars

Comment:  The reason we chose a Wii was the fact that it is fun for the whole family. With the games we have played, there are things for people with a range of ages and skill levels. I love that my kids can play and not get frustrated. We really enjoyed playing Wii games with family and guests. Because the Wii is intuitive, people who have never played before can easily join in with games such as Sports, Sports Resort, Mario Kart, and Wii Ski. Swordplay on Wii Sports Resort is a huge hit for social gatherings. I’m not saying that the games are really easy – only that it doesn’t require hours of practice to have fun.

As for games, shop around. There’s something for everyone. I found that a LOT of games are available for significantly less than $50. Only the newest games are that pricey (and nearly all video games cost around $50 or more when they first come out).

– Lauren –

Complaint:  I don’t like how they advertise the “Bonus” disks. Seperately, the game disks both cost about $90.00, but they are “free” with the new console. I thought I lost one of the disks, and soon found out the possible replacement cost. In other words, Nintendo is making it seem like you are getting a better deal with the two extra sports games disks. But I guess that is really par for the course in modern retail business.  – Trust Me – Car Racing Games For Boys

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