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Product: Canon Scanner LiDE 20

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Canon Scanner LiDE 20Canon Scanner LiDE 20 Technical Details

  • Up to 600 x 1,200 dpi resolution
  • 48-bit depth for over 281 trillion possible colors
  • 1 cable handles both USB and power
  • Z-Lid expansion top accommodates bulky objects
  • Scan, copy, or e-mail photos at the touch of a button

Canon Scanner LiDE 20 Product Details

  • Product Manual [1.70mb PDF]
  • Shipping Weight: 5 pounds
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • Item model number: LiDE20
  • Average Customer Review: 4.5 Stars

Manufacturer Product Description – Canon Scanner LiDE 20

The CanoScan LiDE 20 USB flatbed scanner is one of the world’s most compact flatbeds, yet it offers big performance and big savings. Just over an inch high, it packs all the features you need to scan images, copy documents, and e-mail your favorite photos, all with one-touch operation.

The LiDE 20 scanner is so intuitive and easy to use that first-time users can get expert results in remarkable color resolution up to 600 x 1,200 dpi and up to 48-bit depth with 281 trillion possible colors. The LiDE 20 scanner is small, but it can tackle the big jobs. The exclusive Z-Lid expansion top lifts one inch high and stays flat for scanning books and magazines. (Most other scanner covers lift only at an angle, often resulting in poor scans.)

Setup and operation are made easy by having one cable for both power and USB data; the scanner needs no extra AC adapter. Scan multiple photos at once with the push of a button. Multi-Scan mode is automatically activated, and it scans all the pictures in a single pass, preparing a separate image file for each. It will even adjust slightly misaligned photos. Scanning multiple pages into a PDF file is just as easy. Innovative software even allows you to save your images directly to CDs as easily as scan, click, and burn (in Windows only). Plus, Canon integrated QARE 2.0 (Quality Automatic Retouching and Enhancement) technology is designed to help perfect every scan by automatically removing much of the dirt and scratches from images, making you look like a pro.


This scanner is extremely easy to install and set up. You’ll be scanning photos within about 10 minutes of getting it out of the box. Its also great that it draws its power through the USB chord as its just one less thing you need to worry about plugging in somewhere. The price for the scanner is hard to beat …

-Gameplayer USA –

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You cannot put anything with any dimension on the scanner and expect decent results. If the object is not touching the glass, the scanner cannot focus on the object and capture detail.

-Gameplayer USA –

The Low Cost and Great Efficiency of the Canon Scanner LiDE 20

Those interested in a flatbed scanner that comes with a fair price tag will want to look at the Canon Scanner LiDE 20. This is not an expensive model at all and it delivers on expectations. This may not be the case with other scanners, which are known for offering weak resolution and poor manufacturing along with their seemingly fair price. But, is the price really fair if the device does not deliver on acceptable standards of quality? Doubtfully!

The Canon Scanner LiDE 20 definitely stands out from the crowd of scanners on the electronics market because it delivers in areas that so many other lower priced scanners falter. Namely, this particular model of scanner is known for its ease of use and high quality image reproductions. While there are other less expensive scanners on the market that do come with nice resolution and picture image, many of the “cheap” scanners do not. Worst of all, the cheap scanners are also known for a lack of durability. They are not built to last and will slowly start to malfunction or break after a relatively short period of time. It goes without saying no one would really want to be stuck with such a scanner.

In a relatively short period of time, a poor quality scanner can become an ex-scanner. That means you would need to purchase a new scanner to replace the one that is no longer functioning. This basically reveals a truism some do not think of – basically, it is not a cheap product when it has to be replaced with a new product in a relatively short period of time. In most cases, the new scanner that is purchased will be a much more expensive one than the scanner initially purchased. The reason the consumer buys the more expensive one is due to fear over a cheaper model not lasting very long.

So, let’s break down the cost associated with having to replace a low quality cheap model. If you spend $50 for a low quality scanner and it breaks and you end up buying a $300 scanner, you have spent $350 for the scanners and such an expenditure truly is not necessary. All of this could have been avoided had they bought a better scanner.

Again, the Canon Scanner LiDE 20 remains one of the very best of these lower priced scanners. It simply delivers on all its promises and provides an outstanding duplicated image for those that want quality in an economy model. And you certainly will not have to go out and purchase a costly model to replace the Canon Scanner LiDE 20. This is because this Canon scanner will not need to be replaced. It is a model that is built to last which makes it a perfect investment for those in need of an effective economy scanner.

There is no reason not to be price conscious when you are looking to purchase a scanner. But, you do not want to be price conscious at the expense of quality. With the Canon Scanner LiDE 20, you need not worry too much about cost or quality as this model delivers in both regards.


The Canon Scanner LiDE 20 – What It Offers

Any consumer that needs a scanner for business and/or personal reasons should look closely at the Canon Scanner LiDE 20. Canon has produced a large number of excellent consumer electronics products over the years and the new release of the Canon Scanner LiDE 20 marks one of its very best. For those seeking a relatively inexpensive scanner that delivers on customer expectations, the Canon Scanner LiDE 20 can be considered among the best of the best as far as getting the most out of your consumer dollar is concerned.

What is it that makes the Canon Scanner LiDE 20 such an excellent scanner to purchase? Here is a brief overview of what makes this model standout from so many other scanners on the market.

The image of the picture does need to be top of the line in order for the scanner to be considered even remotely impressive. Without a crystal clear picture, it is doubtful that the scanner will be of any value to the consumer seeking to purchase it. With this particular Canon model, you will gain upwards of 600 x 1200 dpi resolution. That certainly will create a very impressive picture, which should come as no surprise since this scanner delivers top of the line image reproductions.

In addition to the clarity of resolution such an image will present, the color of the picture will be quite noticeably impressive as well. This scanner comes with a 48-bit depth that can potentially deliver roughly 281 trillion possible colors. One thing that needs to be understood if you are scanning images and putting them on the web is that the visitor viewing the image needs to sincerely be impressed by the visual image that is being copied. High quality colors can deliver on this need. Such colors will never be presented if the scanner lacks the ability to reproduce a high level of colors in crystal clear clarity. The Canon Scanner LiDE 20 can do this.

But, can the scanner accommodate making duplications of larger or more expansive objects? This scanner comes with an expansion top specifically designed to handle larger and bulkier objects that require scanning. While a perfect scan may not be possible with some objects, the work performed can be considered more perfect than what would be the case with a scanner of lesser quality and value.

This is also a scanner that is quite easy to use and not weighted down by all manner of unnecessary additional steps or functions in order to operate. Often, scanning and copying can be effectively performed with the pressing of a single button. Such ease of use definitely enhances the ability to get the most out of your use of the scanner. Do you really want to tap button after button to perform a basic scan? More than likely, this is not something you would all that interested in doing and the Canon Scanner LiDE 20 reduces the likelihood that you need to perform many different steps to handle basic scanning and copying duties.

All in all, this is a truly excellent scanner that does not come with great expenses. You do not need to overpay for a quality scanner. The Canon Scanner LiDE 20 delivers on all expectations and does not drain your finances to deliver what it promises.


Setting Up the Canon Scanner LiDE 20

There are many benefits in purchasing a Canon Scanner LiDE 20. The most obvious benefit of such a scanner is that the resolution, picture, and color of the imagery are top of the line. Who would want to make reproductions of images without the finished imagery looking professional and worthy of the cost associated with buying the scanner? Not all that many consumers would want a scanner that did not deliver. Beyond this, there is something else that consumers look for in a scanner and it is an attribute that should never be dismissed. Specifically, you will want a scanner that is easy to set up and operate. This is the essence of the Canon Scanner LiDE 20. Sure, the scanner is known for tremendous picture image, color, and resolution. However, it is also known for its amazingly simple setup and operational capabilities. For some, these might be the best components of all.

Ask yourself this question: Do you wish to assemble your scanner? Most consumers would be much more inclined to acquire a scanner that requires little more than just taking it out of the box, running the installation compact disk, and then hardwiring the scanner to the computer. That is really all you need to do with the Canon Scanner LiDE 20. No one wishes to purchase a scanner that requires a huge amount of assembly as if it was a giant logic puzzle. The effort required to assemble different components to a scanner is not necessary and should be avoided. The best way to avoid this is to buy a scanner that does not require many assembly steps.

There is another issue that arises when assembly and setup requires extra steps – the consumer might make a mistake with the assembly. This is not to say the mistake will automatically prove damaging to the system nor does it mean that the errors made in the setup cannot be corrected. As long as the scanner is not damaged, setup and installation issues can be addressed. That said why would you want to waste time correcting flaws that could have been avoided in the first place?

Canon LiDE 20 scannerAs most people would likely agree, it is never a positive thing to deal with problems or deal with issues of this nature. No one likes to see valuable time wasted. Individuals are generally busy and place a value on their time. This is why a scanner with an annoying complicated setup and installation would not be all that popular in the market.

The Canon Scanner LiDE 20 is a lot easier to install, which contributes to its high popularity. One of the unique aspects of this scanner is that it uses only one cord for power and USB functions. There is also no need for any AC adapter. Again, this makes it a lot simpler to get the scanner up and running as soon as possible.


After setting this up in about a minute I was scanning. The software/driver package is average. Warm up takes only a couple of seconds becuase it is not a CCD/lamp scanner, it is a CMOS scanner which requires less power and less components. Hopefully it will bring more reliability. USB powered. Easy for people to “borrow” or bring to a friends house.

– W. Chow –


All-in-all, the included software is fairly good; the scanner itself is compact, speedy, power efficent, well designed, and takes good scans; and it all comes in a nice package. So if you need a scanner for identifing and fileing english text, scanning and saving photos in compressed files at no more than 1200 dpi, or just making coppies, and you don’t want to spend a lot this scanner is for you.

– Bill Kirk –

Product: Canon Scanner LiDE 20

Recommended Source: Canon Scanner LiDE 20

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