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Protect Your Electronics with Belkin Surge Protectors

Belkin surge protectorsIn this day and age, there are only a few people left in the world who do not depend on electronic devices for daily living which is why nearly everyone needs Belkin surge protectors. The truth is, a greater portion of the whole human race relies on electronic gadgets and equipments such as computers for work, communication, entertainment, or even for more basic functions as lighting and temperature regulation. Because of this, it is only practical to employ means to protect the electronic devices that people so regularly depend on. These devices are, after all, expensive investments.

Because of this blossoming trend and thousands of dollars most people have invested in these modern day “necessities”, it is only practical to employ some means to protect the electronic devices that people so regularly depend on. For example, did you know that the “backlight” in most of today’s flat panel televisions can not be replaced if yours goes out? I had one go out on my $500 flat panel TV, and I was “lucky”; the backlight was replaceable on my TV. The only thing is the company only wanted me to pay $350 for them to fix, and I had to cover shipping a fragile 50 pound TV all the way across the country and back. I threw it away and bought a new one.

Before you actually start protecting your devices whether you use Belkin Surge Protectors or some other, it is only prudent to identify what it is that electronic devices should be protected from.

Aside from the usual wear and tear, the largest threat to electronic devices is electrical fluctuations brought about by internal and external electrical surges or spikes. The latter refers to large electrical fluctuations brought about by lightning strikes and/or switching events within the electric grid. These events are incredibly destructive and are capable of destroying all electronic devices plugged into any electric outlet in your home, regardless of whether these devices are turned on or off.

The good thing about them is that these external electrical surges or spike events rarely happen. The former, on the other hand, are minor disturbances (even negligible if taken per event) that occur frequently. Unlike those caused by lightning strikes, these internal surges or spikes do not create enough energy to destroy appliances at one time. But because they occur regularly or at a more frequent interval than external surges, they will eventually damage your electrical devices over time.

So far, the best means to protect electronic devices is to use surge protection equipment like Belkin surge protectors. These specialized equipments are structurally designed to divert excess electrical energy (brought about by the electrical surge events) from the power line to the electric ground. The strategically placed MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistor) in Belkin surge protectors circuitry provide alternative routes for the excess electrical energy to move away from the electronic devices. Once the energy in the circuit is dissipated by the MOVS into the ground, the electronic devices are out of danger.

When using Belkin surge protectors, all you have to do is to plug the device into an electric outlet anywhere in the house and then run all other electronic appliances through the protector. The surge protection circuitry kicks in automatically once surges occur so there is no need for you to monitor anything once you plug it in.

There is also no need for frequent replacement. Belkin surge protectors typically lasts for years if used constantly. However, if the area where the device is being utilized is prone to more frequent electrical surges than most areas, the protector is also expected to give out sooner. This is why a green indicator light is placed on all models of Belkin surge protectors. Once this light turns off, the device should be replaced.


Belkin Surge Protectors – The Best Protection for Your Home

Belkin surge protectors with USB portsWith the way we depend on computers and other electronic devices for our daily living, it is only practical to invest in ways to protect our electronic gadgets against damage from electrical fluctuations. Let’s face it, no matter how far we have progressed in terms of technology, power outages and surges of electrical power are still common occurrences in this day and age. To make matters even worse, these occurrences are not events that we can easily predict. However, it is possible to prevent damages that they cause to electronic devices by using power protection devices such as Belkin surge protectors.

In a nutshell, Belkin surge protectors are a small electronic devices you plug into electrical outlets. It acts as an intermediary between the power sources (which are usually household electrical outlets) and electronic devices such as computers, televisions, refrigerators, and the like. Belkin surge protectors are considered by many people as the best protection for your electrical appliances for several reasons:

Belkin structure

Belkin surge protectors’ structure takes into consideration its specific function and the most appropriate surge protection for the model. Since Belkin has many different types of surge protector models, the company equips each model with different surge protection capabilities and design.

The mini surge portable power strip, for example, is small enough to fit into a carry-on bag or wallet. Because of its size, it was designed to be plugged straight into a wall outlet instead of coming with wires. Its diminutive structure, however, does not mean that its surge protection capabilities have been compromised. On the contrary, the mini surge portable power strip has an immediate response time as well as an automatic clamping voltage of 800V, passing the high standards of the Underwriters Laboratories.

Depending on the space and layout of your home, there is a definite model from the line of Belkin surge protectors with the most appropriate structure for you.

Belkin technology

Belkin surge protectors are products of the latest technology. Since Belkin’s research and development units are always working on ways to improve the design and function of each surge protector model, each surge protection model contains the latest modifications, the safest power strips, and the most efficient surge protection technology in the world.

And because Belkin technology has considerable years of experience in the field, it is able to provide excellent power protection at a reasonable cost. In fact, many computer users agree that Belkin surge protectors provide the same, if not better, protection as other surge protectors at only a fraction of the prices of their competitors.

Belkin name

Belkin has been a major computer accessory manufacturer for years. The company is known primarily for producing some of the most popular and most trusted power protection products in the industry. Belkin does not just simply extend into power protection accessories; they focus on surge protection products. Surge protectors are their main expertise and this fact they have proven time and time again. So these surge protectors are backed up by the company’s years of effort and experience in power protection.


Why You Need Belkin Surge Protectors

Pivot port Belkin surge protectorsMany people nowadays depend on their electronic gadgets and appliances. All houses contain at least one appliance that uses electricity while many have as much as 10 to 20 appliances. This is more than enough reason why every household should have Belkin surge protectors.

A surge protector is also an electrical appliance, whose sole purpose is to protect other electrical appliances or devices from voltage spikes. These devices regulate the voltage that goes into an electrical device. Although most electronic devices include power supplies and voltage regulators in them as well, the regulators in electrical surge protection equipment is designed to trip a breaker that can be reset rather than risk blowing out your power supply … which is expensive to replace.

Unlike what people often think, voltage spikes are very common. These are fast, short, sudden increases in voltage. Voltage spikes can be caused by lightning strikes, power outages, short circuits, malfunctions of the power company, and many more.

Getting Belkin surge protectors is a must for any house that uses electrical devices. Below are additional reasons why buying Belkin surge protectors for your home is a smart choice.


The main reason why anyone would buy Belkin surge protectors is to protect electrical devices. Most electrical devices come with a hefty price, which is why many people take better care of them. Using a surge protector will ensure that your computer, laptop, TV, cellular phones, and other electrical devices, will not get damaged by voltage spikes.

If you have a computer or a laptop at home, these voltage spikes can do more than damage your laptop or computer. Sometimes even if your computer or laptop is still working, small electrical surges could make small damages to your hard drive, making you lose precious files.

This is why most people purchase a surge protector with their computers and laptops in mind. A surge protector becomes even more of a need or a requirement if you’re living in a place where lightning and thunderstorms are common or if you often experience power outages.

Save Electricity

Aside from providing protection from voltage spikes, there are many surge protectors available that also help you save electricity. Electrical appliances that are kept plugged in still consume electricity. These plugged in devices consume what they call standby power. However, it can be tiring to keep on unplugging them every time you are done using them. There are surge protectors available that have a single switch that allows you to eliminate this standby power. There’s no need to plug and unplug each and every device. What’s more important is you get to save on electricity!

Save the Environment

When you save electricity, you lower your impact on the environment because you effectively use less energy. For the environmentally conscious ones, every small thing contributes a lot!

USB connectivity

Many types of surge protectors are being developed and some of the newer ones have a USB charger like one particular model. A busy person often has more than one cellular phone, a small personal digital assistant, an iPod, and other small gadgets. Many of these gadgets can be recharged by plugging into a USB outlet. With the number of these gadgets a person might have, your laptop or computer can only accommodate a few. Picking one of the Belkin surge protectors that have a USB charger allows you to charge all your devices all at once. Belkin surge protectors

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