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Bugaboo pram on the goBugaboo prams are the essence of what a twenty-first century baby pram should be. Rendered only in the most contemporary designs, rugged and functional to the point of effortlessness, they have left a remarkable impression on parents all over the world. Some of the brands that have set a standard for innovation, quality and aesthetics in the expansive world of baby strollers include the Bugaboo frog, Bugaboo bee and Bugaboo chameleon prams among many others. These prams are designed according to safety regulation requirements and to fit newborns up to seventeen kilograms.

There are spare parts available for purchase in case the buyers encounter problems with the Bugaboo prams. Customer service can be contacted in case customers do not know which spare part to purchase for their problem. Some Bugaboo prams accessories can fit all the products, though the shop offers specific accessories for specific products.

Why buy Bugaboo prams?

Bugaboo prams - Chameleon There is free FedEx ground shipping for most orders, and customers can also order by 1pm EST on the same day. In case a customer does not get the order by 1pm on the same day, a four percent discount is offered. New, unused prams can be returned to the shop anytime the customer wants. There is no time limit for the return of these items. Customers are not also charged restocking fees whenever they return the items. Bugaboo prams are the authorized retailers for all their items. This means that the customer can enjoy the latest models and also product support from the manufacturer in terms of warranties. Customers are also offered a chance to improve on the products when they participate in reviews.

With the pre-paid return shipping insurance, products can be bought with the confidence safe in the knowledge that, for any reason, the customer (or their gift recipients) can return the purchase to the shop easily while avoiding the hassle and cost of going to a shipping store. Should there be need for return, FedEx picks up the item from the buyers. For this to be possible, the buyer is required to have the item boxed with the return label on it.

The features that make these Bugaboo prams special include the fact that they have simple lines and intuitive functionality that makes them strong yet lightweight baby strollers. The aluminum frame will make it easy to move and store. When traveling, Bugaboo prams can easily be folded into their most compact and easy to handle sizes. They therefore can easily be kept in the airplane’s general luggage compartment during the journey and then delivered to the owner at the end of the flight. The small swivel wheels in front make the Bugaboo Gecko very easy to maneuver in the busy cities and shops. Parents who love the outdoors find with the large wheels in the front, it makes it easy to walk over rough terrain and in the woods. On the beach, it is very easy to pull the Gecko in the sand, thanks to its unique two-wheel position.


Types of Bugaboo Prams

Over a period of time baby prams used to be large in size and too heavy for most of the parents to push. As the new technology has come in, several companies have come up with new pram designs to cater for the problem of weight. The new types of prams are much more pleasant to use, and this has made most of the clients feel that they have got good value for their money.

Bugaboo prams are some of the products designed to meet the twenty first century customer needs. They are compact in size, which makes them light when being used. They have added new features that make them suit all the needs of the user. There are two types of baby prams designed by Bugaboo. These are The Bugaboo Frog and The Bugaboo Bee.

The Bugaboo Frog is a comfortable and smart pram designed to make modern parents and their children enjoy the world. This was one of the original Bugaboo prams, deriving its name from the frog like suspension. Its features include a multi terrain design and an infant to toddler compatibility. It is a full sized pram and with its adaptability to any environment makes it suitable for use by many parents. With its reversible three-position seat it can be converted to hold a bassinet for infants till they reach the age of six months. It contains bells and whistles that many parents like to be fitted in the prams.

Other things provided after buying the Bugaboo Frog are base seat fabric, bassinet and seat fabric, rain cover, a mosquito net, and lastly it comes with a user guide.

The Bugaboo Bee is the most compact type designed by Bugaboo prams. It is compact and stylish and is a one-piece foldable design suitable for infants and toddlers. This kind of stroller is designed using the lightweight strollers’ specifications. It is convenient, versatile and portable. Other things that come with this kind of pram are a chassis with wheels and seat unit, under seat basket, a sun canopy, a rain cover and lastly the user guide. It also comes in a wide range of colors. Some of the features of The Bugaboo Bee are: quick and easy to maneuver, aluminum chassis, simple one piece fold, a carry handle for portability, a reversible seat, a foot brake and a foot rest plus many more other features found in a modern baby stroller.

Though these two types of Bugaboo prams might seem to be expensive to the buyer, they are comfortable to use and very long lasting. Once a person decides to buy either of the two there is no need to worry about buying another stroller even before the child grows up, as this is too expensive for the parent. Their being so compact is a very big advantage, as very little space is needed to keep them especially while carrying them in a car.

The main factor to consider when looking for a baby pram is for the child to feel comfortable when carried in it. Therefore, opting for a pram that has all the features necessary to cater for the child is the best option. All this can be achieved when choosing to buy from Bugaboo prams.


Why Bugaboo Baby Prams?

Bugaboo Prams PuppyBaby prams are some of the most important things that one needs to cater for a baby and needs to be researched well before making a decision on which one to buy. As they are meant for walks, going for shopping or visiting a zoo there is a great need for the parent to choose the one that will make a child much more comfortable while in it.

The first questions to ask yourself before choosing a baby pram are, how frequently do you travel with the child? Is the pram for use in exercise purposes? Lastly, how many kids are going to use the pram?

The design of the pram must be made so that the one pushing it is comfortable as the use of a lot of force leads to the pusher getting tired easily. A poorly designed baby pram usually leads to the poor health of the child. The durability of the pram is yet another important factor to consider. Bugaboo prams have been designed to cater for all these needs. A well-designed pram lasts for a while and therefore saves the parent a lot of money, as there is no need of buying a new one before the child grows up.

The weight of the pram is yet another factor, as it should have a reasonable weight for easy pushing. Bugaboo prams are light in weight and do away with this problem. The product should be well made for use in town or for leisure activities.

Though Bugaboo prams are a bit expensive for all parents looking for something unique for their babies they will find them to be the best choice. The designers have used innovative ways and have come up with new modern designs that are extremely attractive to the buyer. Many people, when choosing these types of prams, feel great when using products meant for the twenty first century. There are three types of prams designed by bugaboo. These are: The Bugaboo Bee, The Bugaboo Frog and lastly The Bugaboo Chameleon.

All the three types are made for different people with different lifestyles. Some of the Bugaboo prams are made for people with active lifestyles. Others are designed with the adaptability to fit in car seats and are customizable. The Bugaboo Chameleon is the most expensive of all the prams on the company’s list and is the most popular of all. In budgeting for these a parent must be able to know the needs of the pram and what to expect from it. To many, these two factors matter more than the price when choosing the product to buy.

Some of the advantages that lead many to choose to buy Bugaboo prams are: easy to use, stylish, adjustable handle height, small in width, can be used in all terrains, and they have bassinette and seat covers. Other good things about them are that they can be used on a car seat, have wind cover and protector and lastly they have many accessories.

Here’s a nice video showing how the Bugaboo stroller works:

With all these factors in place, choosing Bugaboo prams will solve all the problems associated with baby prams.

Here’s the easiest way to select Bugaboo prams.

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